I don't like the pairing of Ron/Luna and the issue gets more complex for me when I see people who can't stand Ron/Hermione because they see Ron treating Hermione like shit and saying because he doesn't treat her well that it just can't be R/Hm in the end. And, yet, they turn around and slap Luna with Ron even though he treats Luna even less well in canon than he does Hermione.

Anti-R/Hm shipper 1: How can we avoid Ron/Hermione? We need someone else for Ron, but who?

Anti-R/Hm shipper 2: LUNA! I mean, Rowling did sink Neville/Luna, but she hasn't sank Ron/Luna.

Anti-R/L shipper: But, um, Ron doesn't seem to like Luna at all, in fact after two books he still only barely tolerates her.

Anti-R/Hm shipper 2: Ah, but he said she was growing on him at the end of Book Six.

Anti-R/L shipper: *grumbles* Big deal, he said that about Lockhart too.

Honestly, it seems to me that those who refuse point blank to ship Ron/Hermione because they feel like Ron is abusive/mean/whatever to Hermione really honestly should not be so quick to throw someone else at Ron.

At least that is one of the reasons I myself don't have a Ron pairing, because I haven't seen anyone in canon that I could see working with Ron. Well, aside from the trio ship of Harry/Hermione/Ron. Because I think the three of them would fit very nicely together and balance out the more negative tendencies of all their personalities. But you know what, I think it is perfectly okay not to ship Ron, because not shipping Ron doesn't equal bashing Ron even if you are shipping many pairings in a single fic.

Seriously, Ron needs someone who he will respect and someone who would respect him. Sadly, I could have seen this being Lavender before the crappy pile of crap that was in Book Six. I'm beginning to think Ron needs an older woman/man, because after Book Six I'm just not sure I see someone his own age really working out for him.

Seriously, what exactly makes the Anti-R/Hm&Pro-R/L shippers think that Ron will not be as mean/abusive/nasty/whatever to Luna? If anything at least canon gives us some indications that deep down Ron does like Hermione (them being friends and all) but we get no such indications that Ron does anything other that barely tolerate Luna.

And in an effort not to seem like I'm picking on the Ron part of the Ron/Luna pairing, I will now turn to some Luna related reasons I don't see Ron/Luna working. Although the main point of this entry is about the reasons Anti-Ron/Hermione shippers shipping Ron/Luna seems wonky to me. However, since there are reasons from Luna herself that I see as being against Ron/Luna I decided to include them here.

Luna hums the rather negative (to Ron) version of Weasley is our King. And I get the impression that Luna feels Ron is rather mean and nasty - just as the Anti-R/Hm shippers do. So, I don't see Luna thinking "Hey, he's mean and nasty to me - that's the man I want!" Just like I can't see Hermione thinking the following about Draco, "Hey, he's mean and nasty to me - that's the man I want! No, really, Mudblood is a term of affection, always has been!"

I think many of those looks we've seen Luna giving Ron aren't positive for Ron/Luna either. I won't deny that I think she is studying him, trying to figure him out. But I don't think that says crush, I think it shows that Luna doesn't understand Ronald at all and is trying to figure him out.
And unlike Warner Brothers I don't think her calling him Ronald is a sign of affection. It's a sign that they aren't friends because she is addressing him by his proper name not having been invited to call him Ron.
And possibly she's not even thinking of Ron at all when we've seen her looking at him, but rather off in her own world thinking about something completely different. That would be perfectly in character for what we know of Luna. And I've done it myself - I'll be sitting in a group and be off in my own little world, only to have someone nudge me and ask why I'm staring at so-and-so. Well, I wasn't actually meaning to, because I wasn't actually thinking of the person in question at all.

Any way you slice it I don't see that any of the Ron/Luna interactions we have (in canon) are positive for a romantic relationship to develope between Ron and Luna.

Of course, I suppose, one could argue that this has never stopped Rowling before...

And now, thankfully, (unless something else comes up) I believe I am done with HP entries. That or if I continue to feel the urge more "Can't Stand" type entries, I'll take it to V.E.N.O.M. and spare my friends who care nothing about HP. At least until Movie Five/Book Seven.
Of course, I don't know if my flist will be any happier, because I'm probably about to move into Star Trek Voyager entries, because as I suspected I have moved STV up on my Netflix list - so I should start watching VOY again sometime next month.