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Okay, so I've been thinking about this for awhile. Just about every single HP ship has something wrong with it - even ones I like. Now there is no way I'm going to do every HP ship, because I'd be here long after Book Seven was over, might be here until Movie Seven.

So, in that spirit I've decided to only do five:
(yes, I'm actually including one I really like and two that I do support in this, just to be fair. Or maybe just to prove that I can poke holes in my own ships, thank you very much!)

I might do others later, but I probably won't.

First up...

Anti Harry/Ginny

1. Foreshadowing, there is none for this ship. Perhaps you could say Rowling used Draco and Ron to do so. But Draco was being snide and even then his comment didn't make Harry think "hey, maybe he's right and this is the girl for me."
Even Ron, who's the biggest H/G shipper IN Harry Potter, can't be honest forshadowing of H/G, because even though Ron kept pushing Ginny toward Harry over the years, Harry expressed a total lack of interest for YEARS!

PS - I don't want to hear about Chamber symbolism equalling H/G foreshadowing.
One, snakes don't equal true love, they equal boy parts.
Two, when Harry finally got there he was more interested in Tom's snake than Ginny.
Also, her brother and the professor were there, or almost there.
The Professor was stricken insane trying to get there. And one could argue that her bother (Ron) wanted to there even more than Harry did.

2. But they got together, despite a lack of the above. So, lets look at what they share.


*still looking*

Um, snogging and Quidditch? Anything else? A rather nasty attitude toward certain people.
PS - NO, Voldemort doesn't count, because they NEVER talked about or connected over their Voldemort experiences. So while it is something they share, it is nothing that they've ever shared.

So, moving on...

3. And here's something that I wasn't going to bring up, but I've seen one to many shippers going on and on and on about how Harry likes red-hair. Oh rly?

I won't deny that Harry seems to have a hair fettish, but I've never seen him more into one color over another.

4. Not only does Ginny neglict to thank Harry for saving her life in Book Two, but to date she hasn't said thank you. But lets forgive that because we've since learned that Harry completely forgot about Ginny's involvement with the Chamber entirely.

WOW! Nothing says true love like your lover completely forgetting the most painfully traumatic experience you've ever had.

5. The damn crush! GRR-ARG! We thought it had went away, only to find out that Ginny never gave up on him. Oh, yeah, that totally says she loves Harry Potter and not the boy-who-lived.
Not that Harry was any better. He seemed more interested in a snogging buddy than he did in having an actual girlfriend.

6. Harry keeps the most important aspects of his life away from Ginny. I think this shows that Harry was using her just so he could be a normal kid and live another life that wasn't Harry Potter the boy-who-lives life.
And I wonder how honest Ginny was with Harry. I mean how could she be honest when Harry was all about the kissing and if they had time (after the kissing) they might talk about Quidditch. Oh, yeah, there's a good canon explanation for what went on between them off screen.

7. Not only do we not see Harry and Ginny connecting on anything more than a shallow level - neither character ever says love in regards to the other.
Even the still crushing Ginny uses the word like, when all things considered the word love would have been much more natural in context.

Proof, in my opinion that Ginny doesn't love Harry Potter, Ginny was in love with the boy-who-lived, but not Harry Potter. And finally at the end of the relationship Ginny realized this.

Also, don't believe Harry loved Ginny. If there wasn't an outside influence drawing him to Ginny, I'd say Harry chose Ginny because he knew she'd be an easy score. Because that's all the interest I saw Harry having for Ginny. Yes, his lust for Ginny was certainly apparent and impossible to ignore. But lust does not equal love, and for me to see Harry/Ginny as loving lovers, I needed to see Harry interested in who Ginny was as a person - not an easily replacable lust bunny.

In closing: The strongest pro-H/G argument is that with only one book left Rowling doesn't have time to develop a new romantic interest for Harry.

I know I've only listed seven, I could have come up with more, but again trying to keep these simple so it doesn't take my whole bloody life.
Well, that, and I'd like to keep things balanced. I.E. I don't want to have a million reasons for one or two and then turn around and only have six or seven for others.

Anti Ron/Hermione

1. Rowling doesn't understand why people really dig Draco/Hermione and yet when you get right down to it, Ron/Hermione just ain't that much different.

Seriously, people dig Draco/Hermione for the exact same reasons (pretty much) that they do Ron/Hermione.

2. When you get right down to it, Ron only respects Hermione slightly more than Draco does. Honestly, unless she's doing his homework or sleeping with the enemy he doesn't have much use for her at all.

What's interesting to me is the fact that Hermione and Ron wouldn't even be friends without Harry. So, if they do end up together they owe everything they are and will be together to Harry. Hey, at least they can blame him when it all goes to hell.

Oh, and just so one doesn't think I have an unfair Hermione bias - Hermione doesn't respect Ron anymore than he respects her. There are many scenes which show her lack of respect, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Picture it - Book Five, Ron has just discovered he's a Prefect. What is Hermione's reaction? She's shocked and stunned that Ron got the position over Harry. Clearly in this instance she felt Harry was the better man. And worse still when she honestly tried to come up with something positive to say about Ron's appointment, she couldn't.

Yet we (the readers) are supposed to believe she really really loves him. I think NOT!
And that doesn't bring up all the times Hermione treats him as though he's a rather small child (mentally).

3. Ron and Hermione don't make each other happy. Seriously. There are a few times where they aren't fighting, but for the most part they seem to live for trying to make the other miserable, or at least put them down by lifting themselves up.

4. In the foreshadowing department, we have Ron with a rat and Hermione with a cat. Now do cats and rats typically get along?

Yes, I know this seems like a stupid point against, but think about the couple who gets together and one of them has a cat and the other has a dog. If the pets don't get along, the relationship tends to go belly up. Plus, I think it shows that on deeper levels Ron and Hermione are completely different people with differing likes and interests. Of course, we don't really have to go on a deeper level to see this.

5. Ron's crush. Was he really crushing on Hermione in Book Four as so many claim? I don't see it. For one, he didn't realize she was a girl until he realized he needed a date.
Seems to me like a case where Ron didn't want her until someone else had her. But that doesn't really support Ron/Hermione as a lasting romance, because if he doesn't want her for herself, then they are doomed!

6. Now in Book Six supposedly we see Ron realize that he wants more than a trophy girl, which is a lesson Ron needed to learn for Ron/Hermione to work. But what happens? Hermione goes backwards.
Before Book Six, while Hermione wasn't perfect, she wasn't a total neurotic either. Yes, we've seen Hermione cheat and rule break before this book, but the reasons for her cheating and rule breaking in Book Six aren't the same as they were before.
Instead she breaks the rules for Ron to play Quidditch, a point for Hermione liking Ron, to be sure. But do you really think Ron would be happy to learn that he owed his place on the team to Hermione's little cheat? Well, actually I'm not sure he'd mind, a mature Ron would, but from what I've seen of Ron he'd be happy to be on the team no matter what.
Though I suspect because it was Hermione that cheated for him, he'd have something negative to say about it.
Do I have to talk about the FLOCK OF BIRDS? I really don't want to. Because it sucked for Hermione's character, but it also sucked as a positive for Ron/Hermione.

7. I realize that Rowling isn't trying to send a message with her writing, or so she claims. But you'd think Rowling having a bad relationship vs a good one herself that she would have handled the coupling of Ron and Hermione much much better. Instead apparently we are expected to see this as true love because they bicker and fight. Yet, we are supposed to stand against Draco/Hermione because they bicker and fight. And honestly, have Draco and Hermione had a canon interaction that tops the FLOCK OF BIRDS in the fighting/violence department?
But Rowling seems mystified that people like Draco/Hermione.

In closing, the best thing Ron/Hermione has going for it is "Rowling said so!"

Anti Harry/Hermione
Please note that while I'm not deeply in love with this ship, I do actually like it and since the IoD would be perfectly happy if it happened in canon. But, no, I don't expect it to.

1. Starting in Book Five Hermione can't handle Harry's extreme bad moods. Honestly, before Book Five she seemed okay, but in Book Five big bad Harry scared her! But this is the first real indication (for me) that Harry and Hermione wouldn't work, which is why I'm listing it first. ;)

2. Well, okay, Harry's tendency to tune Hermione out is also a strike against H/Hm. While I can see that he respects her more than Ron does, I just don't think he respects her a whole lot more than Ron does.

3. Sure Harry noticed Hermione at the Yule Ball, but sadly only because she didn't look like herself. And Hermione didn't seem to pay any special attention to him either.

4. Harry is totally mystified that so many people (in canon) seem to think he and Hermione are together. Not once do so many people thinking/suspecting H/Hm make Harry think about Hermione in a different light.

5. Come to think of that so many people suspecting Harry/Hermione doesn't seem to thrill Hermione either. Granted we aren't in her head, so there is some leg room here, but I think if we were supposed to see Hermione happy about people shipping her with Harry there would have been some clear indication in canon. I think.

6. Not quite a canon mark against, but I have to mention it.
Rowling seems as mystified by people shipping Harry/Hermione as she does those shipping Draco/Hermione. Which to be honest is the biggest strike against Harry/Hermione period - even if it isn't contained within the text of canon.

In closing, the best thing Harry/Hermione has going for it is the fact that so many characters throughout the books have suspected Harry/Hermione.

Anti Harry/Luna
I really do love this ship and while now I'd be perfectly happy with canon H/Hm, I'd rather have a canon H/L. But while I love the ship, I am aware that it has its problems.

Doing the H/Hm anti-list was harder than I expected it to be, so I can imagine how hard it's going to be doing this one.

1. Harry jumped away from a perfectly good chance to kiss Luna. Granted at that point he didn't know her very well, but still counts as a valid mark against.

2. Luna didn't seem hurt and/or offended by the above action.

3. There is only one book left and there is honestly so much that must happen in said book that I'm not sure there would be time for Rowling to properly develop a romance.
I'm not saying it is impossible to do, I'm just not sure Rowling's going to do it.

4. *sigh* I know Antis (if there are any actually reading this) are waiting for me to bring up the "date," but I honestly don't read this like most of the antis do. Though I will grant you that Harry half-hoping she'd say no is not a positive thing.
But I'm of the opinion that she was one of the few gals he considered bringing as a date, which means he does see her as a girl and one he wouldn't mind hanging out with. Plus I will never believe he was laughing AT her as some believe.

Sorry, but I just can't come up with more.

In closing, the most positive thing Harry/Luna has going for it is the Bulletin Board Scene. And the fact that Rowling hasn't outright sank it.

Anti Harry/Draco
Again while I'm not deeply in love with H/D, the slashy overtones between them in Book Six made me a very happy gal.

1. Upon meeting Draco Harry thought he was like Dudley. And there hasn't been anything in canon to really change Harry's original opinion.

2. While there is evidence to suggest Harry is gay or at least bisexual, there really isn't any evidence to suggest Draco swings that way.

3. While Rowling seems to write the bickering ships, there is more to suggest outright dislike between Harry and Draco than there is UST (unresolved sexual tension).
But then again I think there is very little evidence to suggest Ron/Hermione have UST between them.

4. Harry was, in part, responsible for getting Draco's dad tossed into prison. And while Harry is not completely to blame, in Book Five Draco clearly placed all the blame on Harry.
Of course, Draco seems to have gotten completely over it by the time we see him again in Book Six.

5. Harry and Draco have a completely different set of values. The things important to Draco are not important to Harry and the things important to Harry are not important to Draco.

6. Draco hates Harry's friends - Harry doesn't like Draco's friends.
Now I have seen fics that work this out, but it takes work - ignoring it doesn't make it go away!

7. Draco is perfectly willing to use an illegal curse on Harry, in fact it is his first instinct. Harry is willing to use a completely unknown and untested curse on Draco, and then later barely cares that he nearly killed Draco.
Oh, yeah, they are SO sporting a secret love for each other!

In closing, the best thing this ship has going for it (outside the hot buttsexxors) is that Harry was almost completely obbsessed with Draco in Book Six and that there were indicators (in the past years) that Draco was just as obbsessed with Harry.

I know I've only listed seven, and I admit that I could have come up with more, because while I do like H/D this ship has a whole bunch that doesn't work for it. So, I decided to just list the bigger things and leave the rest off.

No doubt there are plenty of typos and spelling errors (among other mistakes) in the above, but it has taken forever to type it up and I decided to post it before I lost it. Now I'm off to bed in my prissy little hum-bug mood, so it'll be tomorrow before corrections will occur (if they ever do).
I don't have much to say about the H/G, R/Hr and H/Hr because I'm not particularly a big fan of anyone of those ships. H/D on the other hand, I am XD but I ship it only because it is fun, despite the fact that H/D shippers are looking for canon evidence to support this ship, I'm just looking to enjoy some harmless pairings so I don't have much to say because I would agree as well.

As for H/L though, heh, I think that the biggest factor that really won't help H/L is the fact that Harry and Luna are from two very different worlds. Not in the literally sense, mind you, but in the sense that I am having a hard time seeing them mesh together like pieces of a puzzle without major and various blocks that'll challenge them over and over again that would make it seem mighty impossible for them to happen. Those scenes you mentioned are very viable for H/L to not happen but I don't see that so much as a big thing against the pairing except the last reason, IMO. People's opinion changes and while that might be a deciding factor on whether or not H/L could and will happen, I just think that whatever JKR is planning circumstances doesn't really push Harry and Luna together as such that it did Ginny. *gets shot* And you're right, there isn't a lot of time that could make H/L work without hard, good development and I rather not see H/L if we get something like H/G in HBP.

In many cases, I would consider those scenes as anti-H/L but because of the romantic connotation in it - being under the mistletoe and having a date despite it being platonic - I can't helped but wonder if third's time a charm? Cho - Ginny - Luna. So lol, I would agree with you with those but my unreasonable side of the brain would probably argue at the potential. Potential of the relationship mind you. Hee.

There are many things that troubles me with H/L. As hard as it is for me saying it considering H/L is my OTP in HP (and I don't even ship it with any side pairings so much as everyone does). One of them is because I don't think Harry deserves Luna. Again, in some ways I can see how many anti-H/Lers always claimed that we put Luna in a high pedestal but that's because Luna really gives off the impression that she knows who she is and know what she wants like a girl who already knows what she wants out of her life when the rest of the population is wondering around half-blind as to what they should do. She's Ravenclaw, she doesn't let bullying bother her and she is a pretty proficient witch to boot (see MoD chapter). How can we not put her on the pedestal?

*gets shot over and over*
Relax, I'm certainly not going to shot you. ;)

I completely agree with you about H/D too. I love slash as much as the next gal, and I also love it more when you can twist canon to support it (I do it with my OTP HP/LV myself). But some Draco/Harry shippers seem to honestly believe Rowling is heading for and going to write H/D - I just can't follow them, nor can I be entirely sure why they think like they do.

I also agree about Harry/Luna - like the Harry/Hermione shippers love the ideal of H/Hm, I love the ideal of H/L, but I'm no longer sure Rowling could write H/L and do it justice. So if we couldn't get a canon H/L done right, I'd just rather not have a canon H/L.

I'm also with you on the fact that Harry doesn't deserve Luna, or really any female at this point. I talked about how Harry has treated his "date girls" here - you and I touched on some of this there.

So, for me, it isn't so much that I've got Luna on a pedestal, but that Harry is so far under the pedestal that it merely looks like I've raised Luna so high.
And despite what it might look like here, I'm not turning Anti_Harry/Luna, but when I turn off the squeeing fangirl in me I can plainly see that Harry/Luna do have some problems that might (in fact) take more than one book to properly overcome/address.
And despite what it might look like here, I'm not turning Anti_Harry/Luna, but when I turn off the squeeing fangirl in me I can plainly see that Harry/Luna do have some problems that might (in fact) take more than one book to properly overcome/address.

Oh don't worry. ^_^ I think sometimes we need to take a breather and see the problems of H/L or else we turn into rabid fans who refuses to see proper logic.

XD You're right when saying that Harry is so under the pedestal we placed Luna so high. I guess in the end, its because he is the hero and usually, heroes are sort of dumb, idiotic and ignorant until the very end once he goes through the Heroes' Journey. :D