*sigh* I was talking with someone about ghosts and ghostly activity. Well, I pointed out that while I've never had an experience I have seen some very compelling evidence to suggest that in some cases there might be something to the phenomenon.

I didn't even say I believed every single report/case, because it is possible if I were so inclined to dig a little deeper I might actually find a non-paranormal explanation.

Yes, even though I think there may be something to ghosts/ghostly phenomenon, even I realize every case cannot be valid. If it were, I think everyone on the planet would have had an experience by now and since that isn't the case...

Well, somehow the ghost talk turned into UFO/alien talk and in this I am almost completely a skeptic. I think if they were here and especially if they'd been here since 1947 we would know they were here by now without question. I just really believe this.

1. If they were here to take the planet doing so would be childs play to them. Why? Because they would be here while we aren't yet there. Seriously, think about it.

2. If they were here to enlighten us, I do believe they would have started trying to do so by now.

Now there is a third option and this one is more likely than the others - if they are indeed here.

3. They are studying us.
However, if they are advanced enough to have made their little star trek here - is it really logical to believe that they would still be having trouble figuring us out over fifty years later? Maybe. I will concede that it is possible, but I really have to wonder why they'd care enough to spend so much time studying us.

So, in the end, I simply do not believe they are here at all.

Well, apparently this completely shocked and stunned the other person. The person in question seemed to think since I did somewhat believe/accept ghosts that I must also believe/accept UFOs and aliens. Well, I'm here to tell you that yes I do accept ghosts more than I accept aliens. I mean I believe in UFOs, but what are UFOs? Unidentified Flying Objects. Well, I certainly can't identify everything flying in the sky, but that doesn't make it alien.

But I should point out that I'm not saying aliens don't exist at all. Because it is certainly possible that somewhere out there aliens do in fact exist. What I am saying is that I really don't believe they are here.

But I was stunned myself to realize simply because I believe/accept one aspect of paranormal phenomenon that some people seem to expect that I'd believe them all.

I'm also certain I am not the only person out here that accepts some aspects of the paranormal but doesn't believe it all. I just can't be.

Official Disclaimer: Yes, I am perfectly aware that there is more to paranormal phenomenon than ghosts and aliens, but since those two things are what the conversation involved, those are the two things I talked about for this.