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New Scene for LGT2:

Anyway, I went back the other day and reread Long Gray Twilight 2 and realized something was missing. At first I wasn't sure what, and I couldn't believe something was wrong, because I'd worked very hard on the story and had added several bits during the original working process to make things better/smoother. Yet it still didn't feel right.

*sigh* So, today as I was cleaning my kitties litter boxes (of all things) a scene started dancing around in my head. Not a big scene, not a major scene, just a little scene to add a bit more detail.

Will this make it better? I don't know. I mean honestly by the time I typed the whole thing out it is only a page and a half long scene in the middle of chapter six.

And it wasn't like chapter six wasn't already skipping around a bunch - not only are there several different pov changes there, but it also scopes a couple years.

Needless to say I'm hoping this little added bit will help. But I find it hard to believe that a mere page in a half will stop me from feeling like something is missing in the overall story.

PS - No, I haven't added the bit in yet. I'm going to wait a couple days and the reread the whole entire story again with that bit included, and then if the whole thing works/seems better - then I'll add it in. Plus, doing it this way will also allow me to self edit the thing rather than bugging jhovall to beta a page and a half. On the other hand, if I end up having to add more, I'll probably have to bug him.

Star Trek Voyager - I did not realize how much I missed thee:

I know I've been rather vocal in my opinion that there is nothing good on television these days. And I stand by that, though I have warmed up a great deal to the original CSI, Crossing Jordan, and House. I'm still not rabidly in love with these shows. Plus, I've missed so much of CSI and Crossing Jordan that even with Netflix I'd probably never catch up.

Of course, I wouldn't have called Voyager a great show back in the day. What saved VOY for me, or at least made me rabid about it was the characters. *sigh* I can't actually stand most of the characters on House (save for the man himself, and even then I can't say I like him), and while there are characters I do like from CSI I don't really love any of its characters. Crossing Jordan is a bit different, I'm finding that I love several of those characters, but I'm just so far behind that I'm not sure I have the energy (not to mention time) to play catch-up. *cough*

VOY, talk about VOY, you moron!

Anyway, the week before last, I was setting in front of the television, trying (as always) to find something to watch. Yes, we're talking rather late at night, I just cannot go to bed early unless I'm sick. So, what to my wondering eye should appear? Star Trek Voyager. The episode was already in progress by the time I found it... And would you believe I still can't completely remember what episode it was? Shocking, because back in the day I KNEW my Voyager. Even more shocking was that I'd only missed about twenty minutes.

And while that seems to be the only episode that I truly can't seem to recall (since I've been watching the reruns) there have been a couple episodes where I've watched that I didn't completely remember everything that happened. It's almost like watching a new show again, or at least returning to a comfortable old friend.

So, what did I decide? To Netflix the DVDs... *sigh* I remember when they first started putting Star Trek on DVD - I was excited. I was planning to get all of TNG, most of DS9 (was probably going to skip the first and last season), and probably all of VOY. Yes, I know I pretty much loathed season six and barely watched season seven, though I think (think, being the keyword) that I eventually watched all of seven. But that was why I was going to go ahead and get even those two from VOY.

Then we (or I) hit a wall. The asking price was outrageous, AND (sadly) still is. Seriously, even a couple years later they are still asking way to damn much for the stupid DVDs. I know it's all about money and a great number of people have no doubt bought them all despite the outrageous price, but they could probably sell ten times more if they would be reasonable!

Seriously, even if I could afford it (which, at the present time, I cannot) I would not pay a hundred bucks a season for the DVDs, and not just Trek. I wouldn't pay a hundred bucks a season for any damn show! That's what kept me from getting Farscape on DVD originally - they've since come down, but again I'm stuck in "can't afford it" land now. That is also what stopped me from jumping on the X-Files DVDs originally.

Anyway, it'll probably be winter again (I.E. very late this year) before I start getting the DVDs from Netflix - Yes, I have that many movies between me and VOY again. Of course, I might end up trying to speed things along, because I'm finding myself kinda eager to watch VOY again.

Mainly, because I wonder if like with the X-Files and Buffy will I find that my original opinions have changed? Originally I thought the X-Files was a tight show, consistantly plotted and characterized - I was a bit disappointed when I started watching it on DVD to realize that in some ways the early seasons are just as piss-poor as the latter ones. Maybe I was too busy drooling over David to notice this the first time around, or maybe it was awesome (ground-breaking) at the time it was originally shown. Perhaps a bit of both. And either way I do still like the early stuff, but I realized that it honestly isn't that much better than the latter stuff, all things considered. But for some reason the X-Files is to me what crack is to a crack-whore - I just can't seem to get enough of it no matter how good or bad I feel it is!

With Buffy not as much time had passed between watching the show on TV and watching on DVD, and yet even there I found that some of my original thoughts didn't hold up. Loathed Buffy/Angel originally, thought it was a bunch of useless and cliched crap. And while I do still see the cliche'ness, I found second time around not only did I not hate Buffy/Angel, but I kinda liked it. *hangs head in shame*

Granted that is about the only thing that was different, though there were a couple episodes that I disliked originally that I liked second time, and the reverse was also true. But again not as much had changed for me with Buffy as it had with the X-Files.

But given how much trouble I'm having remembering all the things about VOY - I'm beginning to wonder if my entire outlook on the show will change once I get into watching it again.

Will I still cringe at some of the things they have Janeway say/do?
Yes, especially in the early and latter seasons there was much from Janeway that I found cringeworthy. I liked her, but sometimes she (or the writers) could really make me cringe.

Will I find myself actually liking the Paris/Torres relationship?
I find it hard to believe that my opinion would change that much on this, but it has happened before. But I seriously loathed this ship back in the day. Even today I would still say that Paris/Torres = worst ship ever! Yes, (to all the HP fans on my f-list) I actually loathed P/T back in the day more than I loathe Harry/Ginny today - hard to believe, but true.

Will I start thinking Neelix is a good character?
Okay, even back in the day he wasn't all bad, but mostly he annoyed me worse than anyone else.

Those are just a few things that I find myself curious about. There's also the Doctor, everyone just LOVED him, except me. I thought he was a pompous overbearing jack-ass that needed to be reprogrammed. But I stood alone. Also, I stood almost alone on liking Seven of Nine, at least as a straight female liking Seven of Nine - plenty of males (and lesbians) simply loved her. ;)

Yeah, I know Seven was only brought on for the T&A factor. And don't misunderstand - I LOVED Kes just as much as everyone else, and was very very bitter about them (the PTB) dumping her just because she wasn't a knock-out. But unlike most I managed not to hold that against Seven, mostly because Ryan can seriously act, and while there were times I was annoyed about the attention Seven was given over and above the other cast, I still didn't hate Seven. Of course, I still feel that those extrememly high-heel shoes were illogical for a former drone, but that was pretty much the only true fault I ever had with Seven of Nine.

About the avatar:

Yes, I know the pic is fuzzy and of the SUXXOR. I don't know how this one got uploaded in the first place, because I have a better image - I guess in my upload craze I uploaded the wrong one.

And now... GRR-ARG!

I've been trying to upload that better image all FUCKING DAY. The problem is that even the better pic is slightly to large and needs to be shrunk ever-so-slightly. Apparently this is a LARGE problem for fucking LJ because it is refusing to load the page that would let me resize it.

*sigh* You'd think since I'm now paying not only for LJ but extra userpics this crap would work, but apparently not.

Anyway, IF LJ ever loads that page I'll change the image to the better one, but after struggling with this all fucking day I'm not holding my breath! And I can tell you right now if things like this keep happening I won't be paying for LJ again!
I didn't like the EMH either. He was all that you said and he never seemed to learn his lesson. He got them into more trouble.

I hated the Tom-B'Elanna ship too. I never liked Tom and I felt he ruined B'Elanna. Tom was the worst of 20th-21st century men. Yes. I didn't want to see a man from the future obsessed with girls, cars and bad TV. If I want that, I can select millions of men all around me who are like that.

As for Seven of Nine, while I like Jeri Ryan, I hated the character. That still is the same.

I think my biggest problem with the Doctor is as you mentioned - he'd have his "experience" episode and you'd think he'd grow and be different, but he never ever changed. He was the same unpleasant bastard at the end that he was in the beginning.

Honestly, early on I kept waiting for B'Elanna (or anyone) to reprogram him, or at least try. But they never did and before season three (I think) it became clear to me that they weren't going to. Although for a moment after Seven came aboard hope sprung to life again briefly.

As for Paris/Torres I am different from you there, because I think (in the end) I liked Tom more than I liked B'Elanna, mainly because in a strange kind of way I could relate more to Tom than I could B'Elanna. Of course, that is relative, because I loved B'Elanna and related to her well enough - I just thought she would've went better with Kim or even Chakotay. And, of course, later I was a pretty big Torres/Seven shipper.

By the same token I thought Tom would work better with several other females. Janeway (my OTP) and despite the age difference I thought Kes would have been good for him. Then later I jumped almost as much on board the Paris/Seven ship as I did on the Torres/Seven ship.

"You will pleasure me, resistance is futile!"
Well, it's funny if you're me!
Picture it!
Seven pushes Tom against the wall.
*speaks the line*
Tom gulps.

And if you want to get slashy, I think Tom would have worked better with Kim or even Chakotay than he did B'Elanna. I actually like Chakotay/Paris more than Paris/Kim, but in the context of canon, P/K makes more sense - or at least it did back in the day.

But at the moment, I can't remember when I started to really dislike Paris/Torres. But I don't think it was a case where I hated the ship before it became a reality (Where with Harry Potter, I hated the H/G ship before it became canon, canon only made me hate it more). I do think I hated the ship as far back as season four, but sadly all I can remember is that I disliked it, not the (many) reasons that I disliked it or even when I started disliking it.
I never got into Voy kinda..

As for the rest. *hugs* ;)
To each their own. For example, I never really got into TOS or ENT, though I am more into TOS (much more) than I ever was ENT. Interesting that the bookends are the ones that I'm less fond of.

From the moment I saw TNG - I loved it. Sure it had its ups and downs, but overall this series was very good.

DS9 was an interesting experience for me, at first I hated it. The first episode (indeed the whole first season) was less than stellar for me. But sometime during season two DS9 grabbed me and didn't let go until season seven (which I thought sucked).

What's even more interesting is that I only truly loved about three DS9 characters, but there the stories about the others were interesting enough (most of the time) that I could watch episodes about the characters that I was less than fond of, and even in certain cases love them (the episode(s)).

VOY was the series where I loved all the characters (save the Doctor and Neelix), but many times the storylines were so much less than awesome. Of course, VOY did sometimes knock one out of the park, but more often than not most of the episodes were "barely interesting to bland." But the characters was what kept me coming back week to week - I think if I felt by the VOY characters like the DS9 ones I never would have gotten into this series at all. Because at least DS9 had interesting stories to take up the slack, VOY did not.

*sigh* This was supposed to be a small reply, just basically saying "I understand."
hi. i feel a bit awkward doing this, but i noticed on gingivitis that you are using one of my icons (the one i am using here). i also noticed in your profile that you have credited meruhesae as making it.

which is a bit troublesome since i made it. so, if you wouldnt mind, i'd like to ask you to stop using it. did meruhesae say that s/he made it? thanks :)
No, meruhesae wasn't taking credit for your work. This is a FUBAR on my part. The reason it got credited to meruhesae by me is because she was the one using it when I grabbed it. Or at least that is usually the reason for a miscredit on my part.

Alas, I admit while I do try and ask people before just grabbing icons/avatars there are several that slip by because sometimes I will save one in a rush and then forget to go back and ask later.
That is probably what happened in this case because recently I went on an icon/avatar grabbing spree and while I did try to ask permission (or only grab from threads where icons/avatars were made for everyone to use) I'd say this is most likely where this one slipped through.

PS - Or, speaking of which, I have another icon - this one I know is yours, or at least I've credited it to you, and since you've asked that I stop using the one I credited wrongly, when I noticed I had another one credited to you, I thought I should ask if you wanted me to not use it too?
The icon in question is "OBHWF the Manson family was happy too," or something to that effect. *sigh* I was just looking at it and yet can't remember exactly what it said. Just let me know and I'll remove it too.
the obhwf is fine to use. thanks for clarifying the situation :)