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Title: Long Gray Twilight 2: Abort, Restart, Retry (Chapters One and Two)
Author: Emma Love (aka queenettefallen = me = Emma Love)
Beta: jhovall (aka Addie)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Scully's been given a second chance to make things right. But she has more questions than answers. Still Special Agent Dana Scully isn't one to run from a challenge. However, she quickly realizes why they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Note: This is an X-Files/ForeverKnight crossover and a sequel to Long Gray Twilight. Part one was as close to being in canon as I could make it. However, the sequel (the story you are about to read) is completely AU.
Note2: I posted this story in reverse order so it would show up IN order on your friends page.

Note: If you liked Long Gray Twilight because it could have been canon - then you're probably NOT going to enjoy the sequel. This is completely and totally AU - for both series.
Also, you should read Long Gray Twilight before jumping into the sequel. There are some things that just won't make sense without reading the first part.
Long Gray Twilight: Chapter One - Long Gray Twilight: Chapter Two - Long Gray Twilight: Interlude - Long Gray Twilight: Chapter Four
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Long Gray Twilight 2: Abort, Restart, Retry
Chapters One & Two - Chapters Three (Interlude) and Four - Chapters Five and Six - Chapters Seven & Eight

Long Gray Twilight 2
(Abort, Restart, Retry)

~Chapter One~

With a gasp, Scully opened her eyes. However, before she took in the drab white walls, she knew she was in a hospital. In fact she knew alot. But was it all true? Was what she was remembering things that had actually happened? And, if so, why was she only now remembering?

She sighed. It was true; part of her didn't want to believe it, but she knew without a doubt it was true. She'd lived all this before and was apparently expected to do so yet again.

The memories were as real as her memories of growing up with her family, going to medical school, joining the FBI, Mulder, and the X files.

For the moment, Scully was simply stunned. The sheer amount of time she and Mulder had been together was astounding. The things they'd seen, the things they'd done - it was overwhelming.

"Twice," she barely whispered. What was in her head was telling her their story had all ready played out twice before and were now going into the third time.

Finally, one question rose above the others.


"Why what?", Mulder asked as he entered the room.

For a moment, Scully wondered what was wrong with Mulder, he did not look right. She shook her head slightly. Of course, he didn't look right. Right now he was human, but most of her memories were of a vampire Mulder, not the Mulder currently standing before her smiling. So it made sense that he wouldn't look right. While not all her memories were of Mulder the vampire, she had at least a millennium full of memories with Mulder as a vampire while there were only several decades worth of memories with the human Mulder.

"Are you all right?" Scully could see Mulder was getting more concerned by the moment. But she couldn't seem to make her vocal cords form sound.

"I'm fine," she finally said. "Just having trouble taking it all in."

Mulder nodded, but as he started talking about Alfred Fellig, Scully smiled. She understood more about Alfred Fellig and his gift/curse than Mulder could hope to understand at present. She even knew how to the gift could be passed to another, though she hadn't passed it on for a long, long time. Both times she remembered keeping the gift until all those she loved had faded into dust. Well, not all those she loved, LaCroix might be a more true an immortal than even she was.

Could she tell Mulder all this? Would he believe her? Most likely. But before she could speak, she decided it might be best to wait until she sorted everything out.

She couldn't help but smile again. Mulder was doing his best to convince her that this was real, which was usual at this time in their relationship, but just like Mulder being human, it just seemed strange to her. After spending so much time with vampires and fending off an alien invasion it was rather difficult to remain skeptical.

Even after having been given the gift three times, she still didn't understand why Fellig had despised it so. Even when she finally chose to pass it on and embrace death, she never loathed the wonderful gift she'd been given. He called it a curse, but to her it was a blessing. The first time she passed it on, though she had come close to understanding. Yet even then she felt she was passing on a great gift rather than a curse.

Tears came to her eyes as memories began to play out in her mind. Her beloved John lost his life after about three thousand years. That had hurt, she'd missed him deeply, yet still she hadn't considered her immortal life a curse. Of course, even without John, she still had Mulder, Skinner, and LaCroix.

Almost a thousand years later, Skinner had been killed in a human uprising. That had been scary for all of them. While there had been many times humans had gotten close to them that was the first time the humans had killed one of their own.

Scully frowned. John hadn't been the first they'd lost. The first time had been Nick, a mere hundred years after the aliens arrived and were driven from Earth. With her newfound hind-sight, Scully wondered how it was possible that none of them had seen that coming. One morning Nick simply walked out into the sun and by the time night fell there was nothing but ashes.

LaCroix had spent centuries in mourning. Sadly, Nick had never truly understood just how much he meant to the older vampire. To be honest, Scully suspected LaCroix had mourned for the rest of his immortal life, but after a few centuries had pushed his grief aside and moved on the best he could.

Liquid fire rushed through Scully as she realized exactly where she was. If she wanted, she could finally - at long last - meet Natalie Lambert. Scully suspected she was the reason Nick had completely lost the will to carry on. Possibly if this Natalie had passed from natural causes it wouldn't have hurt him so badly, but in the end Nick had killed her. Had killed her twice. Could Scully stop history from repeating itself? Should she?

She pushed those questions aside and smiled. The biggest change in the two histories was Nick himself. Not his life or his death, but his reaction to Natalie's death. The first time, he'd barely mentioned her at all, and most times when he did, he would immediately go silent. The second time, he'd opened up and shared with her everything about Natalie.

Scully realized with a jolt that if she wanted to meet Natalie this time, it would have to be soon. If she was remembering correctly, in just under a year Natalie would suffer her mortal fate.

Scully felt her stomach tense. Was this the reason she was being allowed to remember? Was she supposed to change things?

That thought terrified Scully. What if she changed the wrong thing? How could she possibly know what to change and what not to?

It was obvious she was supposed to affect change - otherwise why would she remember? She hadn't remembered the first life her second time, but since she remembered this time the logical conclusion was that she was supposed to do something different. But what?

Should she throw things up in the air and change as much as she could? Or should she be more controlled, only changing a few things? But how could she hope to know what needed changing and what didn't?

Scully realized what an awesome responsibility that was now resting on her shoulders. With that realization, she did the only thing she could: she began to pray.

~ * ~ * ~

"You need to what?" Mulder couldn't believe what he was hearing. Granted in the week since the shooting, Scully hadn't been herself. For the first few days she'd seemed overwhelmed and terrified. Now she seemed excited, perhaps still a bit overwhelmed, but he would describe her as being excited and resolved.

Several times he'd tried to talk to her, but each time she managed to cleverly evade him.

Now she was here in his dark apartment informing him that they needed to go to Canada, but was refusing to say exactly why. At least that last he could understand: while he tried to make sure his apartment was secure, history had proven that they could sneak past him.

It was clear to him that whatever she needed to do in Canada was very important to her, and he knew that he would humor her, mostly in the hopes that he would get to the truth, but also because he trusted her. If this was something important to her, then this was something important. Of course, his inner voice asked, if it was important to the X files and to him? But he pushed, or tried to push, that selfish thought aside.

"Canada, Mulder," Scully said, her tone resolved. "Look, I'm not sure even you would believe me if I told you. But it is imperative that we go to Canada," at this she leaned in close and spoke so low that he barely caught the word Vancouver. "And we have to leave soon."

Mulder was left stunned. What was she hiding that she didn't think even he would believe? More shocking was the way she'd leaned in to whisper Vancouver. She rubbed against him as though they were lovers. It wasn't as though he'd never thought about her that way, but Scully - ever the professional - always maintained a discreet distance.

And even while she'd snuggled against him, her movements had been controlled. Did she want to take things to the next level? And if so, how could they hope to keep their relationship secret? Even if they could keep it secret from the FBI, it would be next to impossible to keep it from their shadows.

Then it hit Mulder, Scully was putting on a show for their shadows, and that thought relaxed him which confused him. Why would the thought that she didn't really want him cause him to relax? He pushed the question aside; they (or he) could work it out later.

"I see," he purred, and was rewarded with a smirk from Scully. The look in her eyes chaffed Mulder. She seemed to be amused that it took him so long to work it out.

"Will you tell me?" Mulder asked, trying to keep both the amusment and the annoyance out of his voice.

"Soon," she said, "but not here, not now."

Mulder nodded, then smiled. He was about to shock the FBI by voluntarily taking some of his vacation time. It wouldn't be as shocking now that he was off the X files, but it would probably come as a shock to some. Others might take it as a sign that they were succeeding in their little plot to cashier him out of the Bureau.

He looked back Scully was waiting. He whipped out his cell phone and, made some calls, and then quickly shoved some clothing into a gym bag. His last thought before locking and closing the door was that because Scully was still on medical leave, some people within (and outside) the Bureau would be very happy indeed.

Now that they were in Scully's car heading toward the airport, Mulder decided it was time to start pushing again.

"So, why do you need to be in Canada?"

Scully sighed, and marginally raised an eyebrow, but didn't take her eyes off the road.

"What is it you think even I won't believe?" He asked when it became clear she wasn't going to answer the first question.

She sighed again, loudly, and Mulder smiled. He was getting to her, he knew that sigh.

"There are several people who are in danger," she finally said. "I need to meet with them, and if necessary remove them from the danger against their will."

"Who and what?"

"Damn it, Mulder," she said. "Look it will be easier to tell this story once, rather than repeating it several times."

"So, you're going to tell me the story when you tell these people you intend to save?"

"That's right."

"And this won't take more than three days?"

"That's right," she said. "At least I hope not, we need to be back in DC as soon as possible. There are some things I need to do here, as well."

"More people in danger?"

"Yes and no."

"Damn it, Scully!"

"You won't have any problems with what we need to do in Canada," she said. "But once we get back, I may be doing several things you wouldn't approve of."

This was getting interesting.

"Such as?"

"Look, I could tell you, and then deal with the explosion, or I can go ahead and do these things and deal with the explosion later. I think the latter is best."

Mulder frowned. He knew he could be a bit hot-headed. But what the hell was she planning that she expected an explosion? The lack of trust hurt, more than he expected.

He supposed he should be used to it. She rarely, if ever, believed him. There was an irony in here somewhere, but he decided to ignore it.

"Okay," he finally said. "I trust you, Scully."

She surprised him by smiling. "Not near as much as I trust you, Mulder."

Then after several moments of silence, she whispered, "thank you."

Yet another Note: As you can see the timeline is completely wrong. By the time the X-Files is into season six, Forever Knight has been over for three years. But I wanted to include some of the other Forever Knight characters in this story and yet I didn't want to have Scully's memory come back before this point - so the timeline FUBAR is necessary.

Long Gray Twilight 2
(Abort, Restart, Retry)
~Chapter Two~

Several hours later, they were wandering down some dark Toronto alleys. Scully explained once they were away from Washington that she'd said Vancouver just in case their listeners were able to hear her. In reality they were always headed for Toronto.

Mulder was starting to worry. Not about getting lost since surprisingly Scully knew her way around. But he felt like they were being watched and when people watched them, things tended to get ugly. He knew Scully was aware they were being watched as well, but she seemed completely unconcerned.

"You do know," he finally said, as low as he could. "That we're talking kidnapping here."

Scully laughed, she actually laughed. "It's not kidnapping if the person comes willingly, and I think most people would rather be kidnapped than killed."

"Suppose so," Mulder replied, wondering why Scully wasn't troubling to keep her voice down. "But how do you know these people will agree?"

"I don't, hence the kidnapping part," she replied, and Mulder was grateful that her voice was lower. "All I can do is tell them what I know and pray they believe me. Otherwise I will remove them from danger by force."

"Scully," Mulder said softly, finally ready to voice the question that had been bugging him for the last hour. "Can you see the future?"

"No," she replied firmly. "I've lived it. Twice. I know what has occurred, and what will occur. And as much as I like being alive, I'd rather avoid certain repeats."

Mulder was stunned, and vaguely turned on. Sadly, Mulder admitted darkly, not a strange combination for him.

"Are you saying...?"

"That all this has happened before? Yes! Twice, in fact."

"And you think making changes will end the cycle?"

"I don't know, not really," she replied, and stopped to look at another warehouse. To Mulder this one looked like the last one, but something about it was holding Scully's attention. "I spent days praying. Then I spent days thinking, and praying some more. And you know what happened? Nothing! Nothing, Mulder.

"So, I've spent the last two days thinking about this from every angle I could. I know so much about what has happened, what will happen. But I have absolutely no idea what should be changed..."

Mulder could see she was really working herself up. Then he felt the hair on his neck rise: whoever had been watching them before was back. He subtly glanced around, but could see nothing. On impulse he looked up. The air wavered, Mulder blinked and shook his head. Maybe he was just being paranoid. Maybe the hair on his neck was because of the story Scully was weaving.

"So...," she stopped. Mulder waited, and waited.

Finally, "so?"

"It's okay."


She leaned in close again, which made Mulder uncomfortable. "We are being watched," she was again speaking so low he could barely hear her. "But this time it isn't who or what you think."

She pulled back, but Mulder could still feel her body so completely melded to his. Damn! If she kept doing that she was going to find herself ravished.

Her knowing smile threw him off. She knew who was watching them, yet wasn't concerned. Why? While she might not believe exactly as he did, she'd seen enough to be almost as paranoid as he was. Why wasn't she concerned?

"So," Scully finally said, "I decided to change as much as I could. At least that way if the cycle repeats again, I will have a baseline for comparison."

"How long have you..."

"I didn't remember anything the second time around, and this time I only remembered after being fatally shot. When I woke up..."

She stopped again, but this time Mulder thought he understood what she wasn't saying.

"So, I assume that means everything up to this point was how things are supposed to play out."

Mulder could feel the sadness rolling off her for a moment. But only a moment, she quickly composed herself.

"I can change the fates of Natalie, a," she cut herself off.

Mulder wasn't sure why, but knew she was about to say something she didn't seem ready to tell him yet. She also sounded more bitter than he'd ever heard her sound before in her life.

"A fellow called Vachon. A cop named Tracy, and someone named Squeel, Squid, Scream, but I can't change the fate of my sister. Your father..."

Mulder wrapped his arms around her; he didn't know what else to do.

"So many people killed, murdered that I could have saved. If only I'd remembered sooner..."

He continued to hold her, and this time it felt completely natural. He hadn't expected it, after the past few hugs from Scully, he'd half expected this to feel uncomfortable. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he felt cold inside. For several reasons, one was that part of him still felt guilty over Melissa's death. But mostly because he needed to tell Scully the truth. That the man who raised him, the man he called father, wasn't actually his father. But how could he tell her that the bastard they were fighting against was his father?

Scully finally pulled away. "I can't save them, I wasn't given a choice or a chance to affect their fates. But there are so many people I can save."

"There's more," he prodded softly. "Isn't there?"

Scully nodded. "There's so much I can't tell you, yet. All I can ask is that you continue to trust me. You won't like some of the things I'm going to do, but they are things I have to do."

Mulder took a deep breath. "I understand. And I do trust you, Scully."

She turned away, and for a moment Mulder's world fell apart. But then she turned quickly and lept into his arms. Mulder felt warm all over. Unlike her previous ones, this one wasn't even remotely sexual.

"Thank you, Mulder."

Then she turned back to the door, and muttered, "Still at least one I can't save, because it's all ready too late."

He started to ask, but thought better of it. His instincts were telling him she knew what she was doing, and for now that was good enough for him.

~ * ~ * ~

Mulder was amazed.


The ones he'd always thought fiction were real and apparently Scully was on a quest to save them, even though she'd been too late to save one of them already.

Scully didn't seem deterred, but that could be because they had found the Vachon fellow that Scully was trying to save. To be honest, Mulder was a bit disappointed. Vachon was a plain fellow, brown eyes, and shoulder length brown hair. Somehow, Mulder had expected real vampires would look more exotic.

They were currently in a cheap motel room, surrounded by gaudy gold carpet curtains and bed-spreads. Not that Mulder cared, he was much more interested in the vampire.

Even as he'd watched Scully convince Vachon to come with them, he still wasn't sure how she had managed. For a while, he'd been almost panicked, when Vachon grabbed Scully and left through the roof.

Mulder had tried to trace them, but knew it was a futile effort. Finally he returned to the motel room, only to find Scully and Vachon waiting there with a tallish blond named Tracy Vetter, who was planning to take a leave of absence from work and join them when they returned to Washington.

They were currently discussing the best way to approach Natalie Lambert. Mulder wasn't so much discussing anything as he was busy trying to take everything in.

Scully was spinning his world out of control. For the entire time he'd known her she was the skeptic. Not a skeptic, but the skeptic. Yet she hadn't even batted an eye as Vachon glided through the air and landed before them back at the warehouse. In fact, she hadn't batted an eye about the whole vampire thing in general. In all honesty, he'd been more shocked than she had.

Irony was hanging around him like a thick cloud. He was having trouble keeping up in an area where he should have been miles ahead.

Of course, now that he had had some time to process things, he found himself with more questions that needed answers.

Mulder looked up when he realized the room was silent, and figured this was as good a time as any to start.

"How did we meet these people?" He saw the infamous Scully-brow raised ironically, and threw up his hand. "Not now, before."

"We didn't, at least not these two. They were dead by the time we came to Canada," she said sadly.

"Things went to hell, Mulder. You were finally cashiered out of the Bureau. All those who believed and/or supported you became the hunted. It was over, Mulder. You had all but given up," Mulder had trouble believing that, and yet there was something in her voice that told him she was speaking the absolute truth.

"To be honest, we all had. But LaCroix began hearing what he called interesting rumors. Hardly surprising, it should have been even more difficult to hide a planet full of Super Soldiers, but they did well enough, I suppose.

"Finally, those of us left crossed the border into Canada. Even that wasn't enough, they had us surrounded and killed me," Mulder grinned at her perky use of air quotes around the word killed.

"They would have killed us all if it hadn't been for LaCroix and Nick. After they rescued us, we told them our story and they agreed to help."

"So, with their help," Mulder began slowly. "We stopped the aliens from taking the planet?"

"Aliens?" Tracy squeaked.

Scully nodded, and Mulder supposed it shouldn't have shocked him, all things considered. But she hadn't batted an eyelash at the mention of aliens either. He glanced over and realized that the vampire looked as shocked at the mention of aliens as Tracy was.

To Mulder's further surprise, Scully summed up nicely the story of the X files.

"Aliens, possibly our progenitors - all evidence indicates they were here before humans - decided they wanted the planet back. Granted, I don't know all the details. Surprisingly, I never bothered to try and add up all the pieces. Mulder could probably tell you everything. But here is what you need to know: Roswell, the rumors are true. They came back to take the planet and a group of men from the State Department decided collaboration was their best option. And it worked. They were given an alien fetus in the hopes that they could create an alien-human hybrid.

"The men thought this would be a slave race and offer the best chance of resistance," Scully chuckled. "But they were shocked - shocked, I tell you, to learn the aliens lied. They didn't want a slave race at all. You see, what they wanted was a stronger body, one that could gestate more than one fetus. They use our bodies to reproduce and once an alien finishes gestation, the human is killed in the birthing," air quotes again, "process. But possibly an alien-human hybrid could gestate more than one fetus."

"And LaCroix helped you," Vachon said, "Just like that?"

"Yes," Scully answered simply.

"But this time will be different. I don't know if it'll be better, but I know it will be different."

"Indeed," came an amused voice from the door. "What a fascinating story."

Mulder could see that Scully knew who was there without looking. Finally, he turned; he didn't like having anyone at his back. There was a tall pale blond male, along with a shorter curly haired female. The female had longer and darker hair than Scully, and was also quite a bit taller, she just looked short next to the tall pale man.

"It's very good to see you again," Scully said warmly. As his mouth opened, Scully threw up her hand. "I know, from your point of view we've just met."

"Of course, I would never forget a woman as charming as yourself," he paused, then grinned. "Except it would appear that I have, indeed, forgotten."

"More that the entire world was reset."

LaCroix nodded and then nudged the female into the room.

"I believe this is the other person you are seeking."

"Natalie Lambert?" Scully asked.

The female in question nodded. She seemed to be in a mild state of shock. An emotion, at present, Mulder could completely sympathize with.

"Is it true?" Natalie asked, her voice trembled ever so slightly. "The story you just told."

"Every word," Scully answered with absolute conviction.

"Are you from the future?"

"Not exactly. But I do know what happens if you remain here."

"I die?"


"At Nick's, er, hand?" Mulder smiled, Natalie reminded him of Scully. It had to be because she sounded so skeptical, because not only was her hair longer than Scully's, much longer, it was also a wavy brown and her bone structure was completely different to Scully's.

"So to speak, more like his fangs," Scully replied and grinned.

"You know?" Natalie gasped.

"Oh, yeah," Scully replied. "Here's what I know. You will ask him to feed from you - he'll either become mortal again or bring you across. Neither happened, you just ended up dead."

Natalie backed up and collapsed onto the sofa. To Mulder she looked even more stunned than she had before.

"I was...," she started, then stopped. "How did you know?"


"I just started thinking about it. A friend of Nick's became mortal by drinking from a mortal she loved. I've tried everything else to cure him..."

Scully sighed.

"There is no cure. What Janette thinks happened isn't what really happened."

Every eye, including LaCroix's, were on Scully now.

"Well, think about it logically," She sounded more like the Scully Mulder knew and loved now.

"In all the time there have been vampires not one of them has ever come back. And to my knowledge it'll never happen again."

"But she was mortal," LaCroix insisted.

"She was. It took me almost a thousand years to work it out. It shouldn't have, but it did. When Nick brought her across she wasn't given a choice to pass on - her only option was to return as a vampire again."

Scully paused for a sip of coffee and Mulder winced. The coffee had to be ice cold by now.

"It was a lesson for Nick, I suspect. I believe if Nick hadn't brought her back across she would still have woken a vampire again, or maybe Nick bringing her across was the lesson. But I believe the lesson was that a vampire could do even more good than the best human. He would certainly be in a better position to do so. Vampires can be killed, but not as easily as a human.

"Maybe the potential for evil is greater, but I'm not convinced of that, I've seen what humans do to each other every minute of every day."

LaCroix was starring intently at Scully now. Had Mulder been the focus of that intensity, he admitted to himself that he would be getting very nervous.

"Janette was, as a mortal, trying to do the right thing and she was killed by a single bullet. Had she still been a vampire not only would the bullet have been non-fatal, but she would have been able to wrap things up more quickly and with less trouble. The potential for evil is there, but so is the potential for the greater good."

Silence reigned for a long time, until finally LaCroix announced that if they no longer needed him he had somewhere else he needed to be. Mulder was grateful to see that LaCroix was now looking at Scully with great regard.

Scully rose and embraced LaCroix, which surprised Mulder. She was hugging LaCroix as she'd hugged him twice. He could see her lips moving against the mans ear, but couldn't make out what was being said.

When she pulled back, LaCroix flashed her a quick smile and promptly vanished. Mulder was certain he hadn't actually vanished, but had simply moved too fast for his human eyes to follow. The effect was the same either way.

"So, what now?" Mulder asked.

"Now it's countdown to Armageddon."

Mulder smirked. "That was a tad dramatic."

Scully laughed. "True, but we need to return to Washington."

"And our guests?"

"I need to speak with Ursa again."

"No, Vachon!" Scully cut him off firmly, and then laid a gentle hand on his arm. "You heard her. She's made her choice, and we have to accept that. She doesn't want anyone to save her."

For a moment, Mulder could see Vachon drowning in sadness, but he finally nodded.

"One day," Mulder said, "we are going to sit down and you are going to tell me everything."

Scully turned to him smiling. "One day soon, actually."