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Title: Long Gray Twilight 2: Abort, Restart, Retry (Chapters Three, Interlude, and Four)
Author: Emma Love (aka queenettefallen = me = Emma Love)
Beta: jhovall (aka Addie)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Scully's been given a second chance to make things right. But she has more questions than answers. Still Special Agent Dana Scully isn't one to run from a challenge. However, she quickly realizes why they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Note: This is an X-Files/ForeverKnight crossover and a sequel to Long Gray Twilight. Part one was as close to being in canon as I could make it. However, the sequel (the story you are about to read) is completely AU.

Long Gray Twilight 2: Abort, Restart, Retry
Chapters One & Two - Chapters Three (Interlude) and Four - Chapters Five and Six - Chapters Seven & Eight

Long Gray Twilight 2
(Abort, Restart, Retry)
~Chapter Three~

Scully wasn't sure this was the right thing to do. It certainly wasn't something she really wanted to do.

Logically, she knew the Super Soldiers could be defeated. However, if she saved the members of the Consortium she would no longer be sure of anything.

The only thing she really wanted to do was save Marita Covarrubias. Though Mulder had never admitted it, Scully always knew that he'd carried the guilt of Marita's death. She wanted to spare him from the guilt this time, so, if she could, she would save Covarrubias.

She frowned. Really, why was the sparing of everybody's guilt falling on her shoulders? Granted, she knew it was because she was the one who remembered, but just for a moment she allowed herself to be angry that fate was pushing this awesome responsibility off on her. It wasn't as though remembering was doing her a whole hell of a lot of good. She still had no idea if she was making the right changes or not, and that was wearing her down.

Scully sighed, letting the anger go. Being angry wouldn't help either. She had a decision to make and not a lot of time in which to make it.

~ * ~ * ~

In the end, Scully chose not to avert the destruction of the Consortium. There were several reasons, but mostly because she knew the war would be won without them. However, she also told herself that this would be a good way to figure out if saving them was necessary should things be restarted again.

She had rescued Marita. The effects of the experiments were still very apparent, but Scully was certain between she and Natalie they would be able to completely reverse the effects.

The downsides of rescuing Marita? One was beside her driving the car at gunpoint. The other was sitting in the back seat of the small car they'd stolen, and looking like he was about to pass out. Jeffery Spender and Alex Krycek, the latter being much more unwanted than the former.

She hadn't intended to save anyone except Marita, but when she'd finally found Marita, Krycek and Jeffery happened to be with her. Worse still, when she'd looked at Agent Spender, she'd watched his ultimate flash before her eyes.

~ * ~ * ~

Scully looked around. What was she doing here? Oh, right, she'd played her part in the great Fowley debate and knew this time that Mulder would go off to confirm what she was saying. Oh, the first time she'd been so angry that he'd seemed to completely blow her off, but now she knew that he had listened to what she'd had to say.

Of course, the debate had played out a bit softer this time, with Scully finally telling Mulder that she had something to do and he would not be able to contact her for several hours, but, no matter what, not to worry, because everything would be okay. At that point, she'd supplied him with a meeting place and time, assuring him that she would see him there.

Now she was wandering around Fort Marlene where they'd been quarantined by Special Agent Diana Fowley and fed the bullshit story about Cassander Spender being contagious. Cassander Spender was the first successful alien-human hybrid, she was hardly contagious. The past two times, Scully had verbalized her thoughts, though she hadn't accepted that Cassander was an alien-human hybrid - this time she'd kept her thoughts on the whole thing to herself merely flashing Diana knowing smiles several times.

Scully allowed herself a small smile. That had been fun. She had watched as Diana tried desperately to figure out what exactly it was that Scully knew. Several times, she'd found herself wanting to say everything, but had somehow managed to keep her silence. One time it had been especially hard to keep silent. For a brief moment, after the decontamination shower, she wanted to inform Agent Fowley that she knew this whole thing was nothing more than a way for CGB Spender to get his clammy hands on Cassander again.

She shook her head, now wasn't the time to be rubbing her hands gleefully. So, she brought the drab corridor back into focus and continued her journey. If the information she had was correct, she should be coming up on Marita soon.

She sighed. Okay, she knew she was being a tad vindictive toward Agent Fowley, not that the woman didn't deserve it, but Agent Fowley had, both times before in fact, ended up giving up her life to save Mulder's. But even knowing that, Scully just couldn't bring herself to like the woman.

And since she and Mulder would vanish after this - Fowley's fate was completely unknown to Scully now.

Mulder hadn't wanted to leave the FBI, but Scully had finally convinced him by pointing out that they no longer needed the FBI. She could tell he still wasn't happy about it, but had conceded her point.

She was pleased about that, because he still didn't have the full story, but apparently she'd told him enough that he was going to completely trust her on this. And as soon as she rescued Marita Covarrubias she was going to tell him everything, and hopefully that would completely remove all his doubts about leaving the FBI.

Finally, she turned a corner and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Covarrubias.

The downside was that Covarrubias wasn't alone. Jeffery Spender was standing beside her in the doorway having a heated debate with Alex Krycek, standing before them just outside the door.

"It's all going to hell," Krycek said harshly. Whatever he'd said before that had clearly affected Covarrubias, because she looked scared and pale, though maybe that were just the effects of the experiments. Jeffery looked clueless and also a bit angry over the fact that Krycek wasn't helping him.

"That's what you think," Scully said announcing her presence. She was pleased when three pairs of shocked eyes looked toward her. Somehow over her lives, she'd gotten a flair for the dramatic.

"Now that I have your attention," Scully said, barely keeping her laughter at bay. "We're getting out of here."

Marita started to step back inside the room.

"Oh, no," Scully said. "You're coming too. Hell, you're the reason I'm here."

Marita opened her mouth, but apparently decided now wasn't the time and closed it again. She nodded and made to follow them.

"You have authorization, then?" Jeffery asked.

Scully nodded, just barely managing not to smirk. With a glance she realized she'd shocked all of them again, especially Marita and Krycek, which made concealing the smirk that much harder. She was certain whatever they were thinking; they would be shocked yet again soon.

"Follow me," was all she said, and admitted to herself that she was almost surprised when they followed her without question or complaint.

Just as Scully was about to get really irritated again, she saw the exit ahead. The guard would be a problem, already he was looking in their direction. She eased the gun from her holster. While she'd been hoping to avoid murder, she had accepted it was a possibility and had got another gun so that whomever she killed would not be linked to her standard issue Bureau weapon. Special Agent Dana Scully would be clean.

As they reached him, the guard held up his hand. He was looking suspicious.

"You authorized to remove a patient?"

"Yeah," Scully said pulling out her weapon. The guard's eyes flashed to it, but before he could react she fired a bullet into his forehead.

"I'm authorized!"

She heard someone behind her scream as the bullet fired. She fully suspected Jeffery, because Krycek wasn't squeamish about killing and the voice had been a tad deep for Marita.

Out of the corner of her eye, though, she could see that she had shocked both Krycek and Marita. Krycek was giving her an appraising look, which she didn't like.

"This way," she ordered, ignoring their reactions.

Scully came back from her memories and hoped no one had noticed her distraction. She suppressed a sigh of relief, they didn't seem to. Krycek was driving at gun point, and if he'd noticed, Scully knew he wouldn't have been shy about taking advantage of her distraction.

With an almost physical jolt, Scully realized that she was going to have to kill Alex Krycek and Jeffery Spender. If she didn't, she knew, they'd run to CGB Spender telling interesting tales, and she couldn't have that.

With a jolt, Scully realized Krycek knew this, and likely knew that it would be very easy for her to put a bullet in his head. But when she glanced at Agent Spender, she flashed on the badly burned man she'd twice mistaken for Mulder.

She sighed. If she left him, he would return to the FBI to get a non-fatal bullet in the face from his father, and end up as an early test subject in the Consortiums efforts to create their own Super Soldiers, which would leave him horribly disfigured. That made it both easier and harder to think about putting a bullet in his head.

After seeing the disfigured Spender in her minds eye, she realized she didn't want to kill him. She'd happily put a bullet in his fathers head and walk away with a smile in her heart, but she didn't want to kill Jeffery Spender.

When she indicated, Krycek pulled the car over and Scully saw fear flash in his eyes. Strange, she thought, for some reason she hadn't realized Krycek could fear.

He caught her eye and there was so much emotion suddenly in his eyes, on his face, that Scully almost looked away.

"Finish it," he finally said with a smirk, but Scully knew the smirk was being used to hide his fear.

In that moment, Scully made her choice. Maybe she would come to regret it, but right here right now she couldn't bring herself to kill Alex Krycek. Besides, she could always kill him later, if necessary.

"Not today," she said, and could tell he was stunned. "Get out of the car, slowly, and get in the limo," she ordered. Vachon was in the limo and would be able to keep Krycek under control. Thankfully, Mulder was not in the limo. Hopefully by the time they reached the rendezvous point she would have a good reason to give to Mulder for not killing Alex Krycek.

Krycek did as ordered and Scully couldn't help noticing how relieved he was. Once he was out of the car and in the limo, she turned to face Agent Spender and Marita Covarrubias.

"You just killed him," Jeffery said in such a tone that told Scully he'd spent the whole ride working himself up to saying it.

"You're going to have to let that go, Agent Spender," Scully said. "We wouldn't have gotten Ms Covarrubias out if we hadn't killed him.

"Now you have a choice to make. Whether you believe it or not, I know what will happen to you should you return to the FBI, and it ain't pretty. So I give you a choice - come with us or stay here and meet your fate."

Jeffery looked like he was ready to outright refuse and denounce her as crazy, but before he could, Scully caught his eye. She let her eyes fill with the truth and hoped he would have sense enough to believe her. Finally something changed and he nodded slowly.

"Get in the limo," she said, barely managing not to laugh when he moved so fast that he almost landed on his ass.

"I assume my fate is also unpleasant."

Scully simply nodded, grateful she would not have to go through it all again.

"And you wish to spare me?"

"Yes. You recovered from this before, and I'm sure we can accomplish that again."

Marita nodded and stepped out of the car in a much more dignified manner than Agent Spender or even Krycek.

Long Gray Twilight 2
(Abort, Restart, Retry)

Between Chapters Three and Four
Note: This Interlude does not start at the end (or from the end) of Chapter Three - it takes place during Scully's chapter three adventure. And, yes, I know this is short, but I thought it was important to show how Mulder goes from Point A to Point B.

Absently, Mulder was aware of Diana locking her door. But his mind was too full of information to pay proper attention. First, if old Smokey (CancerMan) was to be believed this was it. The aliens he'd always chased were coming. He'd have all the proof he needed and then some, but it would be far too late. More importantly, to Mulder, was that he would finally see his long lost sister again.

Diana placed her hand in his and gently lead him down the hallway, down the stairs and to the waiting car. They were almost to the car when Mulder remembered something, or rather someone, important: Scully. He had to call her, to warn her. He hit the speed-dial on his cell phone, before remembering that Scully had informed him earlier that no matter what for the next few hours he would not be able to reach her at all. Sure enough, he reached her voice-mail. He left what he knew was a frantic message and could only hope she checked her voice-mail before it was too late.

Her assurance that no matter what happened every thing would be fine, was currently lost on Mulder as Diana asked him a question. What the question was he had no idea, but he saw her nod to herself and open the drivers side door.

"I'll drive," she said softly.

Pretty much on auto-pilot Mulder walked around and opened the passenger side door. He realized that at least Diana still knew him; she seemed to sense that he was not in the building, so to speak.

He glanced over and watched her profile in the flickering lights of the city for a moment.

She knew him, but had he ever really known her? Mulder hadn't wanted to believe Scully, but knew Scully wouldn't say these things unless she had some proof to support them. And even he wasn't so dense that he could ignore the evidence supporting Scully over Diana anymore.

CancerMan said he was only at Diana's apartment to look for his son; Jeffery Spender, but Mulder knew the lie. The man clearly knew his way around her apartment, and hadn't seemed concerned enough to rush off when he realized Agent Spender was not there. Instead he'd sat down and told Mulder a story about the aliens, his father, and the future.

Mulder realized he'd snorted softly, when Diana turned to him with a questioning expression. He waved her off.

He still wanted to believe that Diana had never personally betrayed him. He'd loved her once and thought she had loved him. She'd helped him get his start on the X files - maybe she hadn't always worked for the Consortium, perhaps she'd only been drawn in because of him.

Whether it was true or not, at least, Mulder reckoned darkly, her relationship to him and the Consortium was about to save her.

~ * ~ * ~

Something was wrong, Mulder felt it almost instantly, but he didn't know what it was. They'd barely arrived and stepped out of Diana's car, when he felt something a-miss. There was a tension in the soft gray light of the hanger of El Rico Air Base that was thick enough to almost be seen. The members of the Consortium and their families were standing around. The families seemed bored, but the members of the Consortium were looking around with worried expressions on their faces.

Mulder thought he saw a light flicker outside the hangar doors, but then his attention was caught by CancerMan, who was currently backing away from his fellows.

As the old bastard passed them, Mulder saw him lay a hand on Diana's shoulder and nod his head toward the cars behind them. She nodded, and Mulder could tell how very frightened she was. The light coming through the hangar doors was blinding now, so much that Mulder had turned to follow Diana without thinking.

When he realized that, he turned back. Despite what Scully and others sometimes thought, he sought proof in his own way, and he wanted to see what was coming through those doors that now had everyone in the hangar terrified. But Diana grabbed his arm and forcefully led him back to her car.

As he buckled himself into the back seat, he saw the remaining members of the Consortium trying to shield their families behind them. As Diana turned the car around, Mulder saw the hangar doors open and the faceless alien rebels bursting into the hanger. He thought he heard some screaming, but that might have been the tires on the car as Diana floored the gas and drove away as fast as she could.

Diana drove them back to her apartment. During the drive, Mulder was aware that they both kept looking back: Diana seeming to be searching for something and what CancerMan was looking for Mulder couldn't say, he couldn't read the old bastard like he could Diana.

When she stopped the car, Mulder practically flew from the vehicle.

"Fox," Diana called desperately, "wait!"

As he jumped into his own car, and drove away he didn't look back. He couldn't, if he did he might listen and believe the lies they would feed him.

As he approached the rendezvous point, he found that he was grateful that he'd failed to get in touch with Scully. He suspected that together they would have tried saving the Consortium members and most likely been killed along with them.

He was so grateful that he promised himself that no matter what Scully threw at him, he would completely hear her out before making a rash judgement. Though he hoped if she knew something like this was going to happen in the future that she would simply tell him beforehand. Maybe even allow him to help her.

Note: I know some people have a pet peeve about Mulder being called Fox in fanfics, but in this case Diana calls him Fox all the time in canon, so (to me) it would seem stranger for her to suddenly call him Mulder. Actually, there are quite a few people in canon who call him Fox, but Diana more than any of them (save possibly his mother). Incidentally, I believe LaCroix and Janette most likely call him Fox, as well.

PS - Apparently, I cannot spell apartment to save my life. *sigh* I'm certain my poor beta is ready to cross the pond and beat the proper spelling into my seemingly thick skull. Sadly, that isn't the only word I keep repeatedly misspelling, but it is the one standing out the most to me.

Long Gray Twilight 2
(Abort, Restart, Retry)
~Chapter Four~

Alex Krycek struggled to keep his expression blank, and while he was succeeding, his mind was a far different matter.

From the moment Agent Scully killed the guard he'd known his life was over. Even if she didn't have plenty of reasons to hate him, she couldn't allow him to live knowing what he knew. And yet, she had.

As he'd followed her direction, he knew he was smirking. Young Jeffery Spender was ready to piss himself. The young Spender was such a disappointment, which surprised Alex. Unlike Mulder, the old man had taken some hand in Jeffery's upbringing.

Mulder might be a pain in the ass, but Jeffery Spender wasn't even half the man Mulder was. Alex had to stop himself from snorting. It served the old man right that the better of his sons was completely against him.

Yes, he knew he was bitter over the old mans rejection. Maybe now the old man would realize what he'd lost in rejecting Alex Krycek. Alex knew he could be a better son to the old man than either of the man's actual sons.

He forcibly pulled himself from these memories and focused on the present. While Scully had chosen not to kill him in the stolen car, he knew his life was still in danger.

The unknown male in the car also pricked his danger instincts. The male looked harmless enough, but as Alex knew looks were almost always deceiving. This man, whoever he was, was a predator.

However, it seemed Scully was the one in charge, so he would do well to keep his focus on her.

Though he couldn't help but smirk again when he glanced at young Spender. The boy looked like he was only moments away from passing out.

Oddly enough Scully seemed as amused by this as he was. Every so often, she'd turn and raise one of her famous eyebrows in Jeffery's direction. Every time she did this, he would flinch violently.

But Alex had the feeling she was merely scaring Jeffery to distract herself from something.

Something that was clearly making her very nervous. Alex suspected that something was Mulder. He knew Mulder was not going to be happy about the fact that he was still breathing.

Finally, Alex looked at Marita. He still wasn't sure how he felt about her betrayal. On the one hand, he'd betrayed the old bastards to Mulder on several occasions - not that Mulder ever appreciated it. Alex frowned, except for one time, it was possible Mulder didn't know.

At first he'd been very angry over her betrayal, but he realized in the end they all - even the old bastards, most likely - wanted Fox Mulder to win.

Still he wasn't entirely thrilled about being in her presence. He was grateful that she seemed as ill at ease with him as he was her. Of course, he conceded, most of her discomfort was more then likely due to the overall situation, not just because he was in her presence.

~ * ~ * ~

The ride was too short for Scully. Before she knew it they were at the motel and now it was time for her to face the music - to face Mulder.

So expected was the explosion that when it didn't happen, Scully could do nothing but gape stupidly at Mulder.

He was wearing a smirk, almost as nasty as many she'd seen on Krycek's face over the years. "I told you I trusted you, Scully."

Scully tried to close her mouth, but just couldn't seem to get her muscles to cooperate. She noted Natalie rushing over to Marita and beginning a cursory exam. Scully supposed Marita did make quite the sight.

Marita's eyes were discolored, several colors bleeding into one, none of them natural for human eyes. Her always fine blond hair was now so fine that it looked brittle, so much so that Scully wondered if it would break off if touched. Her pale skin was in better shape, but still looked like it wouldn't take much to bring blood through the skin.

"That and I promised myself that no matter what, I would not explode," he winked. "And it's worth it to see you gaping like a fish."

That got it done, her mouth snapped shut, but somehow that only seemed to amused Mulder and everyone else more.

"If you think bringing the bastard who killed my father along is necessary, then the least I can do is hear what you have to say before I kill him."

Scully smiled. This was the Mulder she knew and loved.

"I've already told you, Mulder. I didn't kill your father!"

"Krycek, shut up!" Scully ordered at the same time Mulder spoke.

"Semantics, Krycek. You killed William Mulder and as far as I'm concerned William Mulder is my father!"

Scully turned away to hide her smile, but seeing Krycek completely gob-smacked made everything worth it. At least for the moment.

Of course, others in the room were looking very confused. Vachon was hiding whatever he was feeling pretty well, but Marita, Natalie, and Tracy looked completely lost. To Scully's surprise Jeffery was looking thoughtful, she hadn't really thought he had it in him.

"Are you saying," Marita spoke, "that William Mulder isn't your biological father?"

Mulder jerked his head in a tight nod.

"Then who?" Jeffery asked, which brought a smirk to both Mulder and Kryceks faces.

Scully decided to cut this off. It was something she knew Mulder didn't want to talk about, and so she would end this and move on to more important things.

"Lets get comfortable, so I can explain why certain people are here."

Slowly everyone moved to take a seat. There were two comfortable chairs which were moved into the small area which passed for a living room, and the small sofa could seat at least two people comfortably, three in a pinch. However, since Vachon and Krycek elected to remain standing, and Natalie led Marita to one of the beds there was plenty of room for everybody. In the other room, Scully knew that both Natalie and Marita would be able to hear everything and since Natalie would be on her feet, she would even be able to see what was going on. But Scully wondered how much attention she would pay, because it was clear she was eager to begin an in depth examination of Marita.

"Lets start simple," Scully began. "I decided... Well, at first I was intending to save the entire Consortium, but," she continued over the assorted gasps, "I know that we can win the coming battle without them. I have no way of knowing what would happen had they lived. But, and I know you don't know, Mulder, but in the other histories you've been forced to kill Marita. Each time she's been pulled out of hiding to testify at your trial," Scully frowned, she'd tried really hard not to do air quotes again and had failed. She shrugged mentally, it wasn't her fault so many things were air-quote worthy.

"Which brings her to the attention of our would-be overlords. While currently she can be, and has been, healed, after they got through with her the second time... The only way to help her was to kill her and end her suffering. Both times, Mulder, you have done this, and both times you've blamed yourself."

"So you saved her to spare him?" Vachon asked. Tracy was wearing an expression that told Scully she thought this whole thing was terribly romantic. Scully wondered if Tracy would live long enough to stop appearing so naive.

Scully nodded. "I believe between Doctor Lambert and myself we can reverse whatever has been done to her, just as the Consortium's doctors were able to."

"And the rest?" Mulder asked, his voice was too calm. She needed to hurry or he would explode before she had the chance to explain.

"When I looked at Jeffery," Scully began, while calling herself a big chicken. "I knew I could kill him, because it would be far kinder than what laid in store for him. A fate he does, I admit, in part deserve, but it's horrible, Mulder. I realized I didn't want to kill him."

"Worse than Marita?" Jeffery asked, and to her surprise his voice was firm. Maybe he was made of sterner stuff than she gave him credit for.

"In my opinion," Scully replied, turning to look directly into his eyes. He flinched at whatever it was he saw and looked away. "Yes."

"And me?" Krycek asked, and though he sounded like he could care less, actually he sounded a bit amused, she somehow knew he cared a great deal about her answer.

Scully smirked. "Nothing so bad, and certainly nothing undeserved. You would simply be shot and killed by Walter Skinner. A very fitting fate, all things considered."

If she hadn't been looking she would have missed the slight paling of Krycek's face.

"Lets just say what he's done to Skinner is worse than anything he's done to me or you, Mulder," she was disappointed to see that Krycek didn't react to that at all.

"And," she turned to Krycek, and he flinched, "we will talk later and you will not bother Walter Skinner again. Do we have an understanding?"

He nodded and Scully was pleased to see him a bit pale again.

"I don't trust you, hell I don't even like you, and I certainly felt no great desire to save you. However, you know more about the Consortium, the colonists, and the rebels than anyone else."

"And because of that, we need him?"

Scully shook her head.

"I told you, Mulder. I already know how to stop them. However, Krycek could help us find them faster, because of his experience. We'll get them anyway, but he could, if he chose, make it go smoother."

"But if...," Mulder began. "Oh, say, I accidently put a bullet in his head, it wouldn't be the end of the world?"

"No," Scully admitted. "But now that the members of the Consortium are dead - all except him," Scully paused, but she had to tell him, "except for him and Diana Fowley."

"I was there, Scully, I know," and there was something in his voice, something she didn't believe she'd ever heard from him before. She raised a brow in question, but Mulder just shook his head.

"The colonists," Scully finally continued, "will now decide that more direct intervention on their part is necessary. The alien rebels are, or will be, quickly dispatched. Then the aliens will start collecting humans - those who've previously been abducted and have a specific medical condition. Somehow they'll turn them into Super Soldiers. A perfect warrior, or thankfully for us, quasi-perfect since they have one weakness. A weakness they share with the colonists themselves."

"Weakness?" Marita asked, and from the tone of her voice, Scully could tell she was surprised the colonists had any weaknesses.

"Yes. The battle is over and it hasn't really started yet. For some reason, the colonists are married to a specific date and simply refuse to up their schedule. Both times before we wipe out the Super Soldiers and yet the colonists always wait for their date anyway.

"Honestly, I never have figured out why they wait. Once they created the Super Soldier they no longer need an alien-human hybrid. The Super Soldiers could be used to repeatedly gestate the fetus'es without dying as a result. So why did they, do they, continue to wait?" Scully shrugged. "I don't know. I guess it really doesn't matter, but as I tell the story this just seems weird."

"Perhaps," Natalie spoke up. "It is because whatever they do to the person in creating a Super Soldier makes them an unfit host."

"You may be on to something," Scully replied thoughtfully, her mind already starting to wonder about the differences between Cassander Spender and the Super Soldiers. Cassander's blood had been green and fatal to humans, the Super Soldiers had red blood that in and of itself was fatal to no one. However, that shouldn't make the difference, because the aliens could gestate in a human host. She shook her head, later she would put her head together with Natalie and see if they could come up with something.

"Obviously we would need to get out hands on a Super Soldier to be sure," Natalie said, and was sounding more excited than Scully had ever heard. "But from what you've told me, whatever they do alters a person on the deepest genetic levels. Maybe they destroy whatever it is about our bodies that makes them suitable hosts in the process."

"Possibly." In fact it was likely, but Scully couldn't figure out what that might be.

"Well, it would explain why they don't try and turn the whole population into Super Soldiers," Mulder said. "Maybe they need an actual human or alien-human hybrid for breeding."

"I'll help," Krycek said, surprising Scully. "I know you won't believe me, but I want them defeated just as much as you do."

Scully scoffed, but then something which had been niggling at the back of her mind for days finally broke the surface.

"I believe you," she said, earning strange looks from everything, but especially Mulder.

"I know it's hard to believe. If I hadn't just know remembered something, I wouldn't believe it either."

"And that is?" It hurt to hear Mulder sounding so hostile.

"The other histories," she said softly, trying to keep her voice level. "Once he died, his ghost, for want of a better word, returned to guide you. If it hadn't been for him you wouldn't have escaped the military base to even stand trial in the first place. Not to mention, that if he hadn't hung around we never would have meet up with Skinner, or LaCroix and Nick."

Scully reached out and took Mulder's hand in hers. "I know it's hard to believe, but he's telling the truth. You don't have to take my word for it," she was speaking for Mulder alone, though she was perfectly aware that her words were being heard by everyone. "Feel free to watch him like a hawk, and if he makes a misstep, kill him!"

Scully almost cried when Mulder grinned and she knew all was forgiven.

"Oh, I will. And if he steps one toe out of line..."

Note: About Mulder CGB Spender and Diana - remember Scully called him in the episode to try and stop the train bringing Cassander Spender to the hanger. But if it hadn't been for that call he would have went to the hanger with Diana to greet the aliens and accept the hybrid genes. That's the beauty of this, I could have killed Mulder then and there, which would have completely come out of nowhere for Scully. You see, she knows she's making changes, but doesn't quite realize that everything she changes is connected to something else. Will she learn? And even if she does, will it stop her endless repeats? ;)