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Title: Long Gray Twilight 2: Abort, Restart, Retry (Chapters Seven and Eight)
Author: Emma Love (aka queenettefallen = me = Emma Love)
Beta: jhovall (aka Addie)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Scully's been given a second chance to make things right. But she has more questions than answers. Still Special Agent Dana Scully isn't one to run from a challenge. However, she quickly realizes why they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Note: This is an X-Files/ForeverKnight crossover and a sequel to Long Gray Twilight. Part one was as close to being in canon as I could make it. However, the sequel (the story you are about to read) is completely AU.

Long Gray Twilight 2: Abort, Restart, Retry
Chapters One & Two - Chapters Three (Interlude) and Four - Chapters Five and Six - Chapters Seven & Eight

Long Gray Twilight 2
(Abort, Restart, Retry)
~Chapter Seven~

The light rain was starting to curl Scully's hair ever so slightly as she fell onto a park bench. She smiled, for while she'd colored her hair before driving to Washington, it seemed some things stayed the same. But she was not so stupid as to come to Washington without making some changes.

While she had been declared dead, she knew it would be too much risk to simply waltz down the DC streets with her well known red hair. She was surprised to discover that blond hair suited her well. Maybe she would stay blonde for awhile.

She glanced around again. Washington was as busy as ever. She finally sighed, she couldn't distract herself anymore. Something was wrong.

Where the hell was John? She'd went to the place where he'd lived both times in the past and he wasn't there. Finally, she'd decided to see and speak with Skinner, maybe he would be able to help. To her surprise, she couldn't find Skinner either.

Scully started when someone simply appeared beside her. Then she gave a nervous chuckle. It was only Nick.

"What are you doing here?" He asked softly. Scully was amazed that she hadn't realized she was being followed. Spending so much time around vampires had given her some instincts on sensing them, at least to know when they were near. Apparently, she was more distracted than she'd thought to miss his presence.

"I need," she said, then stopped. "I wanted to see some old friends, but I can't find them."

Nick remained silent, and finally Scully turned to him.

"How did you know I was sneaking off?"

He smiled. "You made sure your friend Mulder was very distracted as well as LaCroix. So, I figured you were up to something, something you didn't want them to know about."

Strange that Nick knew her so well. Even if he did remember the time from the other histories, it wasn't as though they had much more than two hundred years of history.

She chuckled. However, it seemed he knew her pretty well.

"To be honest, I'm surprised Mulder fell for it," she confessed. "I wasn't sure he would. As for LaCroix, would you believe me if I told you I wasn't actually trying to distract him? I just needed someone there to hold Mulder's hand, as it were."

For a moment, Nick's expression was full of disapproval. Then it blanked and Scully hoped he would let it go. Right now, the last thing she needed was a lecture, or a rant about the evil that was Fox Mulder. Those were, thankfully, getting farther and farther apart. Nick seemed to be coming to terms with everything, but every so often he would rant and rage against her partner, lover, and friend.

Finally, Nick said he'd help her look. So she rose off the bench and started the hunt all over again. At least this time she wasn't alone. They wandered around until Nick was forced to seek shelter for the day. Scully promised to wait until night-fall to head back to Canada.

She fully intended to keep that promise. Until she completely collapsed on her feet, she would spend the day continuing her search.

~ * ~ * ~

Her eyes opened and she yawned. Thankfully, she had had sense enough to quickly rent a cheap room before passing out. A glance toward the window showed the smoke stained gold curtains still glowing with sunlight.

Quickly she jumped from bed and made herself presentable. It was only an hour until nightfall; hopefully she would find John or Skinner before she left.

After a half-hour, she found Skinner. Sheer luck: he happened to be coming out of a grocery store as she was walking by.

She walked straight to him; he was looking at her blankly. She realized that with her blond hair he probably didn't recognize her.

She touched his arm, and tried to keep her voice low when she spoke. The last thing she needed was Skinner to shout out her name or otherwise make a fuss.

"We need to talk," she said. Thankfully, Skinner simply nodded. Had he finally recognized her?

They spent the car ride in silence, and Skinner finally stopped at a park where she'd collapsed in the early hours.

Once they were out of the car, to her surprise Skinner embraced her.


He smiled. "Agent Scully, I never believed you were dead."

"Why?" This was more than an idle question, if she and Natalie had made a mistake she needed to know so it wouldn't happen again.

"I should say, I never wanted to believe you were dead," he confessed. "All the evidence proved you and Mulder were dead, I just didn't want to believe it."

Scully smiled. "I'm sorry, sir," she said. "But we needed to disappear, and the best way to keep people from looking was a fatal accident."

Skinner nodded. "So, where's Mulder?"

Scully looked to the ground. Now she was feeling a bit guilty over leaving Mulder behind. Of course, Skinner would want to see him, and Mulder would have probably loved seeing Skinner.

"He's not here. I snuck off without him. Even with the blond hair, a tall guy with an extremely short female might have raised more than a few eyebrows."

She could tell Skinner accepted that, but she could also see he was disappointed about not seeing Mulder again.

"Sir," she said after several moments of silence. "I have a story to tell, one that is even more outrageous than any story Mulder's ever told you."

To her surprise Skinner merely waited. So, she told him everything, or almost everything. She left out her immortality and vampires. She hadn't wanted to, but if Skinner chose not to come, she didn't want to expose her family. Not that she thought Skinner would blab, but if he didn't believe her he might. While she talked night fell, and she could feel Nick's presence somewhere near them.

"And you want me to come with you?"

She nodded. "You belong with us."

Skinner blinked and Scully wondered if she should have said that so forcefully.

"What aren't you telling me, Agent Scully?"

"Sir, I'm not Agent Scully anymore. Just Scully or Dana."

Skinner shook his head. "Okay. So, what aren't you telling me, Scully?"

"Things," she said sadly. "Things that I honestly cannot tell you, unless you come with me. I'm sorry, sir."

But Skinner nodded as though it made sense to him. It probably did, even as a mortal Skinner knew the value of secrets.

"Do you need my help?" He finally asked.

It was Scully's turn to blink. She was starting to get the impression that he didn't want to come with her.

"I suppose not," she finally confessed. "But we want your help."

"I'm sorry, Dana," Skinner finally said. "But I gathered from your tale that you, and Mulder, have everything well in hand."

"Sir?" Scully said and couldn't quite keep the heartbreak from her voice.

"Since you've been gone things have changed," he said slowly and Scully thought he looked a bit shy. What the hell had changed?

"I'm no longer with the FBI, Age..., Scully," he admitted. "I left about a year ago. With the death of the Consortium members, it just seemed like the biggest danger was past. But before I left, you and Mulder died and the Agent who was brought in to investigate..."

Scully blinked. Was he actually blushing?

"John," he continued. "Agent John Doggett was brought in to lead the investigation. He confirmed, even though the bodies were too badly burned to be readily identified that there was enough proof to conclude you and Agent Mulder were dead."

Now he smiled. "We disagreed over his conclusions. But during that time something happened. To be honest, Agent Scully, to this day I'm still not sure. But we fell in love. That is the main reason I left the FBI, being involved with an Agent under me wouldn't be right. And if I'd been found out, I would have been fired, so I chose to leave."

As Skinner talked, Scully felt her breath leave her and now goose-bumps were raised all over her body. It was simply amazing. Somehow Skinner and John had come together on their own. But it hurt, that was also the reason he was refusing her. He didn't want to leave John.

Scully tried to reassure Skinner that John would be welcome, but somehow she couldn't seem to express exactly how much John would be welcome. In the end, Skinner said he couldn't, no that he wouldn't drag John into everything, unless it was necessary and Scully had all ready told him it wasn't necessary.

Finally, Scully couldn't take it anymore, and fled into the night.

She was barely aware of Skinner calling out for her, thankfully he didn't (that she heard) actually call her name. After a few steps, she collided into Nick. She looked at Nick, then at the ground. She wanted to turn around, and speak to Skinner again, but she didn't dare. She was too hurt and too angry.

Sometime after Nick lifted her off the ground, but before they reached her plane, she began to calm slightly. She was happy for John and Skinner, she really was. But that did nothing to ease the hurt that came from losing them both.

~ * ~ * ~

LaCroix liked to keep an eye on his children and while Dana Scully could not be called one of his in the traditional sense, he'd already begun treating her like one before experiencing her Death Rush almost two years ago. Since then, he fully accepted that she was one of his even if she wasn't and would never be a vampire.

He allowed a soft sad sigh to escape. He only wished his beloved Nicholas would see him the same way the lovely Dana did, since she didn't seem to mind being considered one of LaCroix's.

LaCroix grinned as he watched the mortals dancing around him. He liked dance clubs, filled with humans rife with energy and ripe for the picking. But as far as he knew Dana rarely if ever came to one. So why was she here? All LaCroix knew was that it had something to do with Fox - who LaCroix could feel was around somewhere. However, he was not with Dana, who was sitting at one of the few tables waiting for something.

He wasn't sure why he'd followed them tonight, mostly they chased down things that even vampires tended not to believe in and while some of the anomalies were interesting to LaCroix, most were not. But tonight something had niggled at him until he decided he should keep an eye on them tonight.

Finally, he spotted Fox, who wasn't watching Dana, but speaking to a rather shifty looking human. So they were working another of their so-called cases. He rose; if that was all they were doing he would find a tasty morsel and then return to the mansion they all shared.

Before he was completely on his feet, Dana spotted someone walking toward her. The tall brunette was clearly someone Dana was not happy to see. LaCroix decided to hold off on feeding for a bit, because he was certain whatever was about to happen would be interesting.

The tall female smiled darkly when she saw Dana. Quickly, LaCroix checked to make sure he was completely shielded from Dana. With the activity in the night club it should be easy, but now Dana and the other female were moving toward the stairs. Away from the energy of the crowd it would be harder to avoid Dana's keen senses.

He spotted Fox, who had spotted the two heading up the stairs, and was moving toward them. Something told LaCroix to hold him back, again he wasn't sure what, but he'd learned long ago to go with these little impulses.

He grabbed Fox's arm and smiled. For a moment, he thought Fox was going to resist, but apparently Fox decided observing them without their knowledge might be beneficial, because he finally nodded.

LaCroix knew Dana was almost as good at sensing vampires as vampires themselves were, but thankfully she was not a vampire and he knew several tricks that even she seemed unaware of.

Soon the sounds of the club faded away and while if he wanted he could allow himself to hear it as though he were still in the middle of it, he pushed it back. He kept his focus on the two lovely ladies entering the first room off the hallway. The door closed behind them, so LaCroix couldn't see them, but he would still be perfectly able to hear them.

"You mind telling me why you've dragged me up here, Agent Fowley?" Dana sounded more hostile than he'd ever heard.

"I've been looking for you actually," Agent Fowley replied, in a husky voice. LaCroix thought perhaps she would do well in radio or another medium that relied solely on the sound of one's voice.

"Looking for a dead woman seems a waste of your time and talents."

A nice husky chuckle. "Please, you really believe your little stunt fooled anyone?"

"Of course not," Dana replied, and LaCroix suspected from the tone of her voice she was about to say something nasty. Beside him Fox tensed, apparently sensing what he sensed. "But I didn't expect they'd have you doing grunt work."

From the inner workings of Agent Fowley's body, LaCroix could tell that Dana had struck a nerve.

"You've ruined my reputation with them, you know?" Agent Fowley said conversationally. "He came to me for help. And I did, but the loss of the others, in addition to three rather unexpected losses, well, he felt as though I had failed him. Of course, he couldn't kill me, because there's no one else left."

"Tragic," Dana's voice brimmed with sarcasm.

"I suppose you would see it that way. Even now you keep managing to thwart him at every turn, and still he protects you."

Dana laughed, but it sounded more bitter than happy. "Protecting me? Him?"

"Yes," now Agent Fowley sounded bitter. "Surely you are aware that he's always protected Fox."

Dana made a sound which seemed a cross between a laugh and a cough.

"It's true, and now he's protecting you as well."

"Okay, I'll bite, how?"

"You really think only three people witnessed your little murder?"

Agent Fowley had scored a hit. Dana's heart was racing now.

"I suggested exposing you, instead he's destroyed most of the evidence."

"Really?" The sarcasm was there, but LaCroix would feel the fear screaming under the surface.

"And you think I should be what - grateful, fearful?"

"I personally do not care."

"Then why are you here?"

"To present Fox with an offer from his father. Where is Fox?"

"Even if I knew, do you really believe I'd tell you?"

"I suppose not. But perhaps you will tell me something," Agent Fowley's voice was genuinely curious. "Are Jeffery Spender and Alex Krycek dead?"

Dana sighed. "If you must know, they are not."

"I'm shocked."

"What? Is this the part where we bond now? Where I tell you that I thought putting a bullet in Kryceks head would be easy? That I wanted to do it, but when I looked into his eyes, for some reason I just couldn't do it."

"And yet surely you had more incentive to kill Krycek than the guard."

Dana growled, which caused Agent Fowley to chuckle.

"Tell me," Dana said finally composed again. "Did you ever love Mulder, at all?

This was followed by a long pause in which Fox tensed dramatically. The answer was important to him, perhaps more important than it was to Dana, though LaCroix knew the answer was important to her as well.

Agent Fowley finally chuckled. "Will you believe me if I say yes?"

"Is it true?"

"Yes. I fell in love with Fox. I wasn't supposed to..., I was only supposed to seduce him and lead him to his beloved X files. To be honest, I've still never understood why they wanted him there, but I did my job. But surely you understand what being with Fox is like? Even they seemed to love him as much as they hated him."

For a moment the only sounds LaCroix could hear came from the club below them.

"Then one day, I decided to tell Fox everything I knew - I don't know how they knew, but I was grabbed before I could reach his apartment and reminded that telling Fox would be the same as killing Fox."

Dana laughed, and this time it was a happy sound.

"And at least half of what you've just said is pure bullshit!"

LaCroix could almost see the dark smile he knew was on Agent Fowley's face even with the wall separating them.

"No, I never loved Fox. I was fond of him, very much so, but at that point William Mulder still had some sway with the others and informed them if they didn't leave his son alone he would kill Fox himself. So they pulled me out, but it was already too late to turn Fox away from the X files."

A pause. "Is that what you want to believe, Agent Scully?"

"No, like Fox, I want the damn truth!"

"The truth," Agent Fowley snapped. "Neither you or Fox could handle the damn truth. And yet even now, he'd rather have the two of you at his side instead of me."

"Tell me," Dana said sounding terribly amused. "Which of us do you hate more?"

"You," she replied. "Without you Fox would have come into the fold ages ago. But every time we pulled the evidence out of his hands leaving him with nothing, there you were. For reasons I'll never understand even your mere presence gave him hope! Even when he knew it was hopeless, you still managed to give him hope.

"He should have been mine! I wanted him, I loved him and I would have given him the truth he always sought. But they took me away and gave him you. By the time they brought me back he no longer needed me. Even though I was a believer and would not have given him near the problems over the years that you did, he wanted you by his side!"

Agent Fowley stopped speaking and struggled to catch her breath.

"Even now I don't understand what you have - I should have been able to come back and make him mine, just like that," the sound of snapping fingers. "But no, his head was too full of you! You fought him every step of the way, and still he chose you! And now he is choosing you, as well!"

"What can I say?" Dana said finally. "I am just the better woman. But you are right about one thing: I am aware of how much I've held Mulder back, but at least I've never betrayed him!"

LaCroix started as the sound of open palm against face sounded from inside the room. Given the conversation, LaCroix realized it wasn't entirely unexpected.

"How dare you?! I've done my best to protect him!"

"Oh yes," Dana voice was full of confidence and sarcasm again. "Not only did you leave him when they told you, but when they finally let you come back, you lead him around by the nose, causing him to lose the X files. With friends like you..."

Agent Fowley hissed, then there was the sound of a gunshot. Fox was in the room before LaCroix moved.

"Fox!" Agent Fowley exclaimed. She was standing a few feet from the fallen body of Dana. Blood was rapidly pooling around Dana's head. The smoking gun still in her hand and pointed where Dana's head would have been were she still on her feet.

LaCroix watched as Agent Fowley composed herself and he couldn't help but admire her. Most people, even those caught red-handed, tried to weasel their way out, but Agent Fowley was standing down and seemed ready to accept the consequences. LaCroix could admire that.

"I'm sorry, Fox," she said taking a step toward him, then she thought better of it. "I lost my temper. How did you deal with her sharp tongue all these years, Fox?"

"Did you ever really love me?" Fox asked, his voice was thick with the sound of unshed tears. But when he looked at Agent Fowley his eyes were clear.

"Of course I did, Fox," she said. "You must believe me, I did the best I could."

"I wish I could believe that," Fox said, but to LaCroix's surprise, he wrapped her in his arms.

"It's true," she all but sobbed.

"I'm terribly sorry, Diana," Fox said, and LaCroix heard a sharp intake of breath, then Diana's heart stopped. "But I have to know the truth."

Note: To those who loathe it when Mulder is called Fox - I'm sorry, I know you spent the last section of this chapter cringing. However, like I said Diana always called him Fox and I can't see LaCroix calling him Mulder either. But if it helps, I kept trying to type Mulder instead of Fox. Seriously, in the hand written version there are several Mulders, and even when I did hand write Fox, there were still several times where I started to type Mulder and had to go back and change.
However, since the next chapter is the last and entirely in Scully's pov you won't have to see "Fox" again. ;)

Long Gray Twilight 2
(Abort, Restart, Retry)
~Chapter Eight~
The Last Chapter!

Scully was standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon looking over the reddish craters smiling. So much about the planet's land-scape was changed, but the Grand Canyon was the same as it always had been and perhaps always would be.

She was at the end, again. She was about to pass on her gift to another and move into the great unknown. However, knowing what she knew this time, she couldn't help but wonder if she would wake again in her past to ride this wacky roller coaster over again.

This history had been so different and yet not so different. She'd gained new friends and lovers while both hanging on and losing other friends and lovers. But the major events seemed much the same.

The invasion came off much the same as it did before, the destruction which followed was the same. It seemed only a few of the characters had even changed.

A cool wind blew over her and she realized night was falling, she needed to head back and get this over with. And yet this time she was almost afraid to pass her gift on, since on the whole events hadn't really changed, she feared that she would pass her gift on only to wake up again in that damned hospital room after having just received the gift again. She realized that was something she both wanted, yet dreaded. Another chance, but she also wanted to know what was beyond this realm and if she kept returning she might never figure that out.

But Scully knew it was time. Those she loved were dead, again save LaCroix. Well, this time she knew that Janette was still out there somewhere along with Alex Krycek. After the invasion, she had spent some time with Krycek, but not much. Surprisingly he'd spent most of his life with Mulder and Janette. Mulder had told her that Krycek had spent quite a bit of time with LaCroix, and eventually Marita, as well. But he'd never come to be included in the circle of those she loved. Though she wouldn't deny that she felt affection for Krycek, he just wasn't included in those she truly and deeply loved.

She felt her eyes well up as she remembered each and every one of them. As she'd feared, Skinner rejected her, and so she never tried to even see John knowing that would only bring more pain. Though she had been surprised at the reason why Skinner rejected her. This time around, with she and Mulder gone, somehow Skinner and John had come together and had lived happily ever after. Or at least she hoped they had. While she'd felt the urge to check up on them, in their single life-time the pain was simply too fresh for her to bring herself to see him again. By the time this pain had passed they were long gone. In the end, she found she was just glad that both John and Skinner had found love.

Of the immortals this time Nick hadn't been the first to meet his end, though he went sooner than all but one. This time he'd fought for his life and in dying saved the lives of Natalie and Marita. They along with Scully had been about to be burned as witches. Sadly, Nick and Natalie had never quite recovered from the rift that was created between them over Natalie's turning. But Scully knew that Nick loved Natalie up to and with his dying breath. At least Nick's life had expanded from the mere hundred years to just over five hundred. Somehow she found herself wishing it had been more. While she and Nick never had been lovers, there was something that she loved about Nick himself, and when he was gone she always missed him greatly.

The first to go had been Jeffery Spender and he'd almost taken all of them with him. After the first two times, she knew young Spender had grown a deep hatred of his father, but she hadn't realized that hatred had already been forming when she'd saved him this time.

He'd come close to exposing vampires to the remnants of the Consortium in his quest to stick it to the old bastard. Sadly, Mulder and LaCroix had been forced to rescue and then destroy him before the invasion. Interestingly enough Scully had the distinct impression that they'd been too late to stop CGB Spender from finding out the truth. But as far as she could tell nothing had come from his knowledge. Had she been wrong about him? Had he really been protecting his son, Mulder instead of screwing with him all those times? In the end, she suspected it was a bit of both.

Then there were Marita and Natalie, while even now she could barely bring herself to wear the bisexual label, she certainly wouldn't call herself gay, though she'd taken both as lovers. Not at the same time, at least not until the last time. Surprisingly she'd spent more time with Marita than Natalie. Most of her time with Natalie was spent writing down their shared medical knowledge, which is what had led to them to the burning stake, both times. She almost laughed. She'd known better, but had been persuaded by Natalie's passion to try it again. She knew that the first two times she'd been as naive as Natalie, thinking that the world would accept and be thankful for the knowledge. In the end they hated and feared it, which in turn lead to hating and fearing them.

Their ending had come with enough dramatic irony to choke a horse. Again the two vampires had been weakened, then tried and convicted of witchcraft. They were - naturally - sentenced to death by burning. This time there was no Nick to save them. Marita and Natalie were dead by the time she met up with the others again.

In another touch of irony, Mulder again carried the weight of Marita's death, this time adding Natalie's to it, when this time it was even less his fault than the others. But this time he'd stayed very close to her for over a century, until one day while he was sleeping, she'd snuck away and hid herself from him for just under a century. When they finally met again, they'd shared many laughs over her being the one to ditch him for once.

Sometime after that Vachon and Tracy were lost, but Scully never had managed to get the full story. She wasn't sure if even LaCroix knew the whole story. While Vachon and Tracy spent time with all of them at various points, they mostly kept to themselves. But about five hundred years after the deaths of Marita and Natalie, LaCroix announced that Tracy was no more - as her sire he'd felt her absence. And while he hadn't felt Vachon's, not having been his sire, within a hundred years it became clear that whatever happened to Tracy had also taken Vachon.

And up until just two hundred years ago it had whittled down to her, Mulder, and LaCroix. Fifty years ago they'd separated for the last time, though she hadn't known at the time it was their last, because this time they'd made it past their previous times.

She felt herself chuckle. In the end Mulder's death was very fitting, but also very stupid. Finally, he'd accept the loss of cell phones, though it had taken longer than was decent for him to do so. However, humanity was finally bouncing back to where they'd been before the invasion and in his eagerness to assist and find himself with a beloved cell phone again, he'd made a foolish mistake and stayed with mortals past dawn.

She assumed, at some point, the humans accidentally exposed him to sunlight, and discovered what he was. Then had simply acted as humans were prone to do - shoving him into the sunlight. It appeared that Mulder had finally tried to bury himself, but Scully suspected by the time he'd thought of that he'd simply been burned too badly. Among his ashes she'd found the remains from the newest version of what was called (this time around) a travel phone. It was as stocky and bulky as cell phones had been when they'd first been made originally. For some reason, that made his death much less painful for her than it had been the two times before.

Now a hundred years later, she was again ready to pass on. The last two times, she'd passed the gift on to one of her female descendants. But this time she hadn't had any. This time she hadn't gotten her womb back to have William or any children. Just after Nick's death she realized that she was barren. It hadn't taken her long to realize why. The space ship off the African coast which had turned Mulder (ever so briefly) into a super human before nearly killing him had been the thing which had also restored her womb. This time she hadn't gone looking for that ship, nor had she even heard rumors of its appearing.

The idea that she was barren still surprised her until she realized it was the space ship that made the difference. She'd decided in the other two histories that it was becoming immortal which restored her. Even though she'd long known that only fatal wounds healed completely on their own. Non-fatal wounds did not, at least not without help.

Luckily she'd discovered (first time around actually) that vampire blood would heal her, and while she couldn't become a vampire (at least for more than a couple nights the first time and with each turning she spent less and less time as a vampire, until she wouldn't change at all) she could drink their blood and heal internal injuries, and in the case of missing limbs, she could use vampire blood to reattach them good as new. But wounds and scars that she had before becoming immortal remained with her, such as her barren womb as well as several childhood scars.

Without off spring it had taken her a hundred years to find someone she considered worthy, and now that she had, it was time. LaCroix was coming tonight and before dawn her eyes would close either into death or to open to a bright hospital room. Even after contemplating it, she still wasn't sure which she hoped for more.

~The End, Again!~

End Notes: The exposition fairy has soundly thrashed me for working him so hard during this story. I tried to explain that I didn't have a choice - since the first part was so short there was so much story that needed explaining to both the characters and the reader that quite a bit of exposition was necessary. Still the EF was not a happy camper. At least now if I come back for a third time at the wheel, he should be better satisfied, because now the reader (even if the characters remain clueless) will know more about what has been that it won't be necessary to exposition so much.
Thank goodness Chris Carter created such wordy characters. ;)
And, yes, I do have enough ideas to come back to this universe at least one more time... There are even "muse suggestions" that I could do more than that. Like writing a series of "one-shots" that detail bits between the actual stories. Basically just some shap-shots of their immortal lives, but they were things that just didn't belong (or I couldn't work) in the story proper.
But I don't know if I'll get the third part off the ground. For now this universe seems to have gone silent for me, but I do have much of the third part plotted out, so if the story comes to life again - I have what I need to come back and finish. Yes, I even know what Scully must do to stop the repeats, but I don't know if I can get there, because some kinda depressing things would need to happen between this and that.