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Fic Lists Updated, again!

All the lists, save the Daily Show/Colbert Report, got updated this time. However, the Crossover List saw the largest update (7 fics) thanks to the recs from slash_addict, and as I continue to read the recs will probably see even more fics added. So, I might have to (in the near future) break up the Crossover list - either by my ABCs or one page for crossover slash and one for crossover het/gen.

HP het/gen List
Only One Fic.

HP slash A - L
Only One Fic

HP slash M - Z
Two Fics

Long Gray Twilight 2 was shipped off to be beta'd on Friday. However, my beta jhovall does have a real life, so it might be a while before I get the sequel posted, but at least it is finished. YAY!

Now I'm going ahead and taking the rest of the day off from my fic, mainly because there's things that I have to do (house work wise) that would keep distracting me, and when it comes to writing a fic/fanfic I don't like to have to keep stopping to do something else. Gets a bit too distracting.

So, I'd rather wait until later in the week where I will (hopefully) be able to set down and work without interruption/distraction. So, I've decided to just read fanfic/message boards today, but then starting tomorrow night (hopefully) I firmly plan to start work on Unexpected American Vacation again and if all goes well maybe I will finally get that one finished by the end of the month. *sigh* It's been so long I have to wonder if my previous beta for this one will still be in a position to work on it.

Anyway, at such time (if nothing else comes up) as I finish Unexpected American Vacation I firmly plan to go back and finally do a rewrite on Blood Ties - there are some points of confusion for readers and just some other things that need a bit of expanding.

After that I am going to try and get back into the five/six HP stories I've got going - I'd like to at least finish a couple before Book Seven comes out.

So, that is my current plan, but many of you know how my plans go. LOL
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