So, as anyone reading this journal knows, I've been working on the sequel for Long Gray Twilight. And it has been finished (at least in hand-written format) since Friday/Saturday (12/13). I had thought I'd get it typed up by Sunday, Monday at the latest. Guess what? That didn't happen - there were just more hand-written pages than I thought. But I did get the thing completely typed up Monday - now the delay is me and my proofing.

You see, I like to let the type version (especially when I did a hw version first) set for a couple days so then I can come back to it with fresh(er) eyes. I really planned (originally) to do that last night, but by then I knew I was going to have to get up earlier than usual today. So, I decided I'd wait until tonight to go through and proof - mainly because I'd like to do all my proofing/editing in one go and I just knew I wouldn't have time for that last night. Trouble is, I'm not sure I'll be able to get it all tonight - so it'll probably be Friday before it is ready to send for outside edits.

But, hey, at least I've finally got it all typed up. And if (big if) all goes well, maybe it'll be ready for posting soon.

Thankfully, I believe I'll also be able to get to work on Unexpected American Vacation again after I finish proofing and editing on Long Gray Twilight (the sequel), because the ideas for that one are starting to knock around my head again. Hopefully, after that I will FINALLY be able to go back to good old Blood Ties and do some rewrites there, but I'm almost scared to try and plan out THAT far ahead.

So, I made this entry yesterday (Wednesday) and today is Thursday and Wednesday night was fun fun fun fun fun.

I believe I do officially hate the sequel to Long Gray Twilight - every time I think I'm finished... Last night when I was proofing/editing, yet another part demanded writing. Though to be fair this scene had been flashing in my head most all day yesterday, which was a bit distracting, but even then I wasn't planning to write it, because it just didn't seem important to the story. Just me playing with the characters a bit, but nothing actually important story-wise.

Ah, edits how I love thee. I got to a certain point in the story and realized that I had actually given the impression that this scene would actually happen... Well, not really, but one character thinks about the unfinished business between themselves and another character, and the final scene between those two characters was the scene that had been flashing in my head all day. And when I got to the part where the character thinks that, I realized the new scene did need to be in the story. So, originally there was one "Interlude" in this story, that turned into two, but hey at least we're back to only one "Interlude," because the other has now turned into a full chapter.

Okay, I don't actually hate the sequel, but I really seriously hope it is finished now.