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So, I've been in a debate recently about Ron/Hermione and my last post mentioned that I wasn't trying to push the Harry/Hermione ship (though I do think it is better than Ron/Hermione, and after Book Six I believe this more than ever), because I agree with the nay-sayers that say Harry and Hermione lack passion, they do. Harry/Hermione more than any other couple reminds me greatly of Arthur/Molly, especially including the negative aspects of M/A.

But while Harry and Hermione is a part of this post Ron/Hermione isn't. For the purpose of this post I care not about Ron/Hermione - this post is about how Harry sees the various females in his life, which currently include Hermione, Luna, and Ginny with a large dash of Cho tossed in for good measure.

For example, he hasn't really acted like a very mature boy in either of his ships; Cho and Ginny. He crushed on Cho, but when he got her, he seemed to want her around when he wanted her around, but her wants didn't matter to him at all. Now Cho seemed to have enough respect for herself to want (Dare I say expect) more than that. If she was going to be his girlfriend, she naturally wanted a higher place in his life than others, but especially Hermione who Cho is perfectly aware is a girl.

The problem is that I don't think Harry really knows Hermione is a girl, and therefore couldn't honestly understand what Cho's problem was. The fact that Hermione is a female, is just that to Harry, a fact, because for the most part he doesn't see her in the same light of potential date girls (and this is a good for Hermione, because he doesn't seem to think much of his date-girls, at present). Hermione has been given a status by Harry, which while it means he treats her well, also means that he doesn't really see Hermione the girl. I call it the business partner status, which means while he treats her well, better in fact than his girlfriends, he really isn't aware of how that looks to others, because he isn't capable of seeing Hermione any other way, at present.

Now we have Ginny, who suddenly became a girl to Harry in the last book. And, once again, Harry wants her when he wants her, but could give shit what she wants. And Ginny, unlike Cho, seems willing to accept that she will never be the equal to him that Hermione is, which is in its own way a good thing she isn't, or he wouldn't be dating her, but I can't say whether Ginny realized this. But given some of Rowlings comments in the IoD I am now wondering if Ginny did finally realize this at the end and is why she seems to completely accept the break-up. Perhaps in the end, Ginny realized that she (like Cho before her) deserves better.

And now we have Luna, who is on Harry's radar enough that he'll take her on a date - even as just friends, but isn't on his radar enough to be considered a date-girl yet. Now I'm thinking this is probably a very good thing for Luna. Right now Luna has a new and completely unknown status to Harry, and I think that is a very good thing. Especially if Harry has learned something (but who knows yet) from his relationships with Cho and Ginny, and even his friendship with Hermione, then he might finally be ready for a girlfriend who would be included in all the aspects of his life. In other words, a girl to be his partner - but not just his business partner, and not just his girlfriend.

On the other hand, Harry could just end up being a sexist prick when it comes to his relationships and he'll always see a girlfriend/wife as something less. But I'd like to think (hope) Harry will mature out of this 'tude.

Okay, must go type fanfic NOW! Not a fanfic based on the above, my Long Gray Twilight sequel.
*curses LJ reply limits*
I have a PS and I am going to add it! ;)

I guess it's not so much at the idea of Ginny being unable to be 'herself' when she's around Harry that bothers me but I have friends that acted a lot like her and what results are not pretty. They mold themselves to what society wants out of girls like her (what the boys want out of them)and maybe its just me but I don't see the appeal in that,

PS - That's why I said I only felt a bit of sympathy for Ginny, because really she needs professional help, not to get Harry but to get over Harry. And her enabler (Hermione, while I don't believe CTLP, I do believe Hermione played a big part in "helping" Ginny score Harry - intentionally or not) needs to wake up and see exactly what the hell is going on with Ginny. Though Hermione may have started to do this in Book Six - the times when she seems a bit unhappy about all the snogging H/G are doing, and Ginny may have finally realized that even though Hermione is not Harry's girlfriend, she (Hermione) is still getting the better deal from Harry. At least that would explain the rising tensions between Hermione and Ginny over the course of Book Six.

Of course, I'm somewhat hopeful now that Ginny scored her man (Harry), that she will finally and for reals start to move on. I mean, honestly, she's had her little crush for so long that even if Harry had treated her better, I still doubt he would have been able to live up to the crush!Harry rolling around in her head. And since he didn't treat her well at all, well that must have been a real eye opener for her (or, at least, it should have been).