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So, I've been in a debate recently about Ron/Hermione and my last post mentioned that I wasn't trying to push the Harry/Hermione ship (though I do think it is better than Ron/Hermione, and after Book Six I believe this more than ever), because I agree with the nay-sayers that say Harry and Hermione lack passion, they do. Harry/Hermione more than any other couple reminds me greatly of Arthur/Molly, especially including the negative aspects of M/A.

But while Harry and Hermione is a part of this post Ron/Hermione isn't. For the purpose of this post I care not about Ron/Hermione - this post is about how Harry sees the various females in his life, which currently include Hermione, Luna, and Ginny with a large dash of Cho tossed in for good measure.

For example, he hasn't really acted like a very mature boy in either of his ships; Cho and Ginny. He crushed on Cho, but when he got her, he seemed to want her around when he wanted her around, but her wants didn't matter to him at all. Now Cho seemed to have enough respect for herself to want (Dare I say expect) more than that. If she was going to be his girlfriend, she naturally wanted a higher place in his life than others, but especially Hermione who Cho is perfectly aware is a girl.

The problem is that I don't think Harry really knows Hermione is a girl, and therefore couldn't honestly understand what Cho's problem was. The fact that Hermione is a female, is just that to Harry, a fact, because for the most part he doesn't see her in the same light of potential date girls (and this is a good for Hermione, because he doesn't seem to think much of his date-girls, at present). Hermione has been given a status by Harry, which while it means he treats her well, also means that he doesn't really see Hermione the girl. I call it the business partner status, which means while he treats her well, better in fact than his girlfriends, he really isn't aware of how that looks to others, because he isn't capable of seeing Hermione any other way, at present.

Now we have Ginny, who suddenly became a girl to Harry in the last book. And, once again, Harry wants her when he wants her, but could give shit what she wants. And Ginny, unlike Cho, seems willing to accept that she will never be the equal to him that Hermione is, which is in its own way a good thing she isn't, or he wouldn't be dating her, but I can't say whether Ginny realized this. But given some of Rowlings comments in the IoD I am now wondering if Ginny did finally realize this at the end and is why she seems to completely accept the break-up. Perhaps in the end, Ginny realized that she (like Cho before her) deserves better.

And now we have Luna, who is on Harry's radar enough that he'll take her on a date - even as just friends, but isn't on his radar enough to be considered a date-girl yet. Now I'm thinking this is probably a very good thing for Luna. Right now Luna has a new and completely unknown status to Harry, and I think that is a very good thing. Especially if Harry has learned something (but who knows yet) from his relationships with Cho and Ginny, and even his friendship with Hermione, then he might finally be ready for a girlfriend who would be included in all the aspects of his life. In other words, a girl to be his partner - but not just his business partner, and not just his girlfriend.

On the other hand, Harry could just end up being a sexist prick when it comes to his relationships and he'll always see a girlfriend/wife as something less. But I'd like to think (hope) Harry will mature out of this 'tude.

Okay, must go type fanfic NOW! Not a fanfic based on the above, my Long Gray Twilight sequel.
Hey, I ramble all the time, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

I think the problem with getting back together with Ginny is that Harry has already placed her in a certain category and I've found that once this happens it is very hard to alter patterns. So I don't even think H/G getting back together after Harry matures a bit is good, because I think they've both fallen into certain patterns when it concerns the other and those patterns would be very hard to break for both of them.

Believe it or not I can see (and understand) the reasons against Harry/Luna, but I still think Luna has the best chance of being with Harry in an equal way, because he hasn't yet sorted her into a specific category. Not that this is my only reason, but it is a big one. I mean it is possible that he could come to see Hermione in a different light and make things work... But I just don't think Rowling is headed that way. Therefore, it seems to me that Harry'll either be with Luna or LoneHeroHarry.

Also like you, though, shipping isn't the only reason I want to read Book Six. There are some other plot bits that I want to see wrapped and Harry's romance is a rather small part of it. But it seems as Book Seven draws closer everyone is talking about shipping and I couldn't help jumping on board.

Anyway, I tried to avoid going deeply into Ginny for this and instead take Book Six and the ship in a "what we see, is what we get" kind of way. And even then SuperGinny gets the shaft from BMOCHarry, especially since I (like so many others) believe that SuperGinny is a direct result of Ginny trying to be what Harry likes and not actually herself. Believe it or not that actually makes me a bit sympathic toward Ginny, not much, but a bit more than I had been feeling since finishing Book Six.
Believe it or not that actually makes me a bit sympathic toward Ginny, not much, but a bit more than I had been feeling since finishing Book Six.

Well, in some ways I do feel sorry for Ginny as well...but lol, as arrogant of me to say this, I remain ignorant until JKR proves me so. I guess it's not so much at the idea of Ginny being unable to be 'herself' when she's around Harry that bothers me but I have friends that acted a lot like her and what results are not pretty. They mold themselves to what society wants out of girls like her (what the boys want out of them)and maybe its just me but I don't see the appeal in that, so my contempt for Ginny is very well a personal perspective.

Don't get me wrong, I do understand reasons against Harry/Luna and it would make sense, what could be potentially wonderful probably would never happen. And in the end, they may not be a match made in heaven after all. Things rarely go your way, finding the perfect person is nearly impossible but I guess after shipping Harry/Luna obsessively since OotP it's hard not too ship Harry with anyone else after this (with the exception of slash because heh...I'm weird that way) Of course lol, for some reason, I would happily ship Luna would anyone. She just seems so shippable.

I am a little weary of how the shipping business worked to the point that its more than shipping, it has become something close to politics. Lol. I dunno, I wish people spend more time discussing interesting things other than shipping...but I guess being in the shipping business, there's more amusement and entertainment to see than anywhere else really.
Well, since I've been paying attention, I believe (shockingly enough) that there might be another reason that it seems people are talking about shipping more.

For example, on Snape, most people already have their mind made up one way or another and most debates on the subject reflect this. People come in and state what they think and why they think it and really ain't interested in debating why they think like they do. Or at least it seems that way to me, I know how a great many people feel about Snape, though I never really see them actually debating it with the other side.

Although I am a bit shocked that Draco debating has just about all but stopped since HBP. Before HBP there were some rather lively debates between those who thought Draco was going nowhere and those who knew there was more to Draco than was reflected by Rowling and the text. Though I suppose that's the reason those debates have pretty much stalled - those that were wrong probably have nothing to say, other than maybe commenting about how it doesn't make sense to them. Now about the only thing to debate there is "will Draco team up with Harry?" or "will Draco stay in hiding until its over?" or "are we looking at a Dead!Draco?" And those debates are probably taking place in more Draco friendly places, since those that didn't like Draco before probably still don't like him now.

And the Dumbledore thing was interesting and would probably still be going on, but Rowling shot that down. So while some people still don't believe AD is dead, there aren't really debates going on anymore.

Finally, I think many people are just waiting for Book Seven rather than trying to speculate/debate so much about what'll happen. Though I do see more people talking about this one more than the others, but still less than the shipping. And I don't really know about others, but I'm not real sure about what'll happen and I'm more interested in waiting to see rather than getting myself truly invested in an outcome that might or might not end up happening.

In closing, the more I watch the ship debates, the more I can understand why Rowling loves them so much. All sides truly have some LOL points, I mean most have at least one or two points in favor that makes sense, but some get so out there that it is truly amusing to see.

Right now, though, as far as Book Seven is concerned, the one thing I am truly interested in is "will we get an explanation for the OoCness that quite a few characters were in Book Seven?" or "is Book Six pretty much 'what you see IS what you get?"

Like for example, I am in the camp that needs (not just wants, needs) an explanation for Harry, Hermione, AND Ginny. Am I (and others) right that Book Six is just another "mask" for Ginny, or am I supposed to swallow Book Six Ginny as the one Rowling described in the IoD? And, I know, not everyone agrees about Hermione, but I personally feel she was OoC, and I would like to believe Rowling has something up her sleeve to explain this. That's why I'm not all-aboard the CTLP, because to believe CTLP, I have to believe that Book Six Hermione was perfectly in character with the Hermione before and I just can't. And, do I really need to explain about Harry? The boy spent an entire summer (possibly longer) in mourning for Cedric - at best a boy he knew, where as the time he spent mourning over Sirius (a potential father figure for Harry) was LESS than three weeks. WTH?! No, really, what the hell?
*curses LJ reply limits*
I have a PS and I am going to add it! ;)

I guess it's not so much at the idea of Ginny being unable to be 'herself' when she's around Harry that bothers me but I have friends that acted a lot like her and what results are not pretty. They mold themselves to what society wants out of girls like her (what the boys want out of them)and maybe its just me but I don't see the appeal in that,

PS - That's why I said I only felt a bit of sympathy for Ginny, because really she needs professional help, not to get Harry but to get over Harry. And her enabler (Hermione, while I don't believe CTLP, I do believe Hermione played a big part in "helping" Ginny score Harry - intentionally or not) needs to wake up and see exactly what the hell is going on with Ginny. Though Hermione may have started to do this in Book Six - the times when she seems a bit unhappy about all the snogging H/G are doing, and Ginny may have finally realized that even though Hermione is not Harry's girlfriend, she (Hermione) is still getting the better deal from Harry. At least that would explain the rising tensions between Hermione and Ginny over the course of Book Six.

Of course, I'm somewhat hopeful now that Ginny scored her man (Harry), that she will finally and for reals start to move on. I mean, honestly, she's had her little crush for so long that even if Harry had treated her better, I still doubt he would have been able to live up to the crush!Harry rolling around in her head. And since he didn't treat her well at all, well that must have been a real eye opener for her (or, at least, it should have been).