And while I still can't figure out exactly how it got pulled, it is feeling oh-so-much better today. Pain is not completely gone, but at least getting dressed this morning was NOT painful. Therefore, I am going to try and get the sequel to Long Gray Twilight typed up today. Yesterday I just found typing was uncomfortable (of the very), so I was stuck simply reading yesterday.

Incidently, I should mention that while LGT was (or could have been) canon, the sequel is so much AU that there has even been a timeline fudge for Forever Knight. I didn't actually mean to, but I wrote something and realized it didn't seem quite right. So, I went and looked up timelines and discovered that I'm off by a couple years, but this is a real important bit to the overall fic, so I decided I could live with being off. Besides even without that, the sequel would most likely bug those who'd rather read fic that stays completely within canon anyway.