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Hopefully, this show will get popular, and I'll soon be able to find a website to snag episode titles from.

Side-kick boy is still pretty weak and easily replaceable. Still waiting for them to kill him off or make him a not-so-easily replaced character.

To be honest, this first half of this episode wasn't all that great. No, it didn't suck, and it had necessary information for the last half, but it just wasn't all that enthralling. The last half, however, makes the first half worth it.

I'm not sure how I feel about cop-vamp on the lose. I mean I was kinda glad when he was offed in the pilot. Of course, it could lead to something interesting because it does give the vamps and Blade a common enemy. But I doubt that will go anywhere that would be truly interesting to me, it just seems to early in the series to force Blade and the vamps to work together, which is about the only thing interesting (to me) that could come out of that.

On the other hand, I love the ash-storyline, which has the same issues. I.E. Giving Blade and the vamps a common enemy. But this (for me) has much more potential than cop-vamp boy. Honestly, not sure why they felt they needed two storylines of this type, unless one will be wrapped up quickly and the other will dangle for awhile. I know which one I'm hoping is wrapped up fast. ;)

The best part to me, though, was learning that perhaps something wasn't quite right with the vaccine. Otherwise why wouldn't all the vamps be vaccinating themselves up.

The second best was the tension (and resolution?) between Chase and Krista. I'm not sure whether I'm happy that things seem somewhat resolved there, but I did like how things played out between them in this episode.

Am eager for next week, and would love to know if anyone has any ratings info for this series. I would really like to see how things are looking.
Ep titles?

Death Goes On
The Evil Within
Little Girl Lost
Angels and Demons
Episode Twelve

http://epguides.com/Blade/ Still the best place to find titles easily. :)
Thanks, my google-fu just isn't that good most of the time. Who am I kidding? Most of the time I can barely google anything.