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Honestly I don't have much to say about this episode except - WHY IN THE SAM HELL DOES THIS SHOW KEEP TRYING TO INSERT A DAMN ROMANCE?! Seriously, there's nothing wrong with a really long weekend no fuss no muss. This show used to be so good at that, but then at some point decided romance must be inserted at any and every opportunity

And honestly that's the only impression of mine that I trust at the moment, because you see Sunday morning (aka Tornado Day) I woke up feeling like shit - stuffed up shit. And I've been sick ever since, and when I'm sick I'm pretty much in an "all sucks and NOTHING will ever be better again!" mode. You see, I think it was probably an okay episode, though I suspect I hate it. Either way, I may or may not watch it again when (if) I ever feel better.

Still I'm hoping to feel better soon, you see I had to go in for the two week check-up cause the PP meds I recently started taking for swelling and nothing do doc but to put me on azithromycin, because apparently instead of the cold I thought I had I can has ear infection right now - I guess the messed up balance should've been a clue, but the PP meds can also cause balance issues, so I just wasn't sure. But consummate professional she is (and no I don't think less of her - I thought it was kinda funny) - she shined the light in my left ear and went "Ew!" Apparently the inside my left ear was all red and angry, lucky for her the right one had already cleared up, because she'd have been totes grossed out, because Monday it was hurting me badly - the left one hadn't yet started hurting, though when I did finally crawl my ass outta bed today I could hear the tell-tale snap-crackle-popping in said ear. Anyway, I'm assuming the meds she put me on are fairly well bad ass because of the cost and the fact that there's only six pills and I was supposed to take two today and then a mere one a day until they're gone.

But hey on the plus side I've lost six of the sixteen swelling pounds, and maybe the pills today will clear my ears/head and I'll be fine soon. I hope so because I feel crappy and while I didn't get up until ten this morning I wanna go back to bed NOW.

PS - being sick really screwed with my BP, though, cause today it was 130/62. Or at least I assume it's the being sick, because no one at the docs freaked out about it being offish today.

PPS - I don't even know about next weeks episode of Supernatural, because it looks cornier then a shit-pot full of crap.

(Also, yes, I'm aware I didn't do a cut, but I apparently don't remember how to do one right now and I didn't say anything spoilery anyway.)
Okay, so I'm feeling slightly better - not great, but slightly. Good news apparently I can remember how to work LJ codes now, so here's the actual stuff I stopped myself from saying in the previous entry because I couldn't figure out the magic that is the LJ cut.
(No, I haven't yet watched the episode again, and honestly don't know if I will, because frankly I'm scared of how much I might notice about this episode now that I wouldn't be watching through a sick haze.)

I think it was probably an okay episode, though I suspect I hate it. AND here's what I couldn't explain before...Collapse )

Or it's possible that I'm still sick enough I should've held off on this, because I may look at this once I feel completely better and feel like I was too harsh.