Okay, I watched last night's Ringer - sue me, there was NOTHING else on, and I'd all ready watched all the DVR/DVD movies. Probably not a mistake I'll be making again, and not just because once again the CW has overdid the guyliner on a character who really probably wouldn't be wearing guyliner (the FBI guy). Hey, I like guyliner as much as the next weirdo, but it really jumps out when it's on a character who's not very likely to actually wear it.
(Any day now I expect Dean and Sam (maybe even Bobby) to suddenly be all glammed (read guylined) out. It'll be fab-u-lous!)


Ringer 1x05 A Whole New Kind of Bitch

I have to admit last nights Ringer was not bad exactly, and it finally showed me what exactly my problem with this show is and that's Bridget - she's a (pardon my French) fuckin' moron! And because she's so dumb I find myself unable to root for her at all. Where if this show would focus more on Siobhan I think I might like this show better, because while Siobhan is probably evil at least she's not a moron. However, the show seems determined to keep the focus on Bridget and her dumbass bumbling - why, I may never understand. Make her smarter (more interesting) or start focusing on another character!
(Well, aside from the fact that the show, or at least the people behind/running the show keep trying to tell me it's a thriller when it is in fact a soap opera. Though, to be fair, last night did introduce something that could lead to thriller'ish, but I really don't trust this show to stop being a soap, because the people behind the show don't seem to understand that they are writing a soap and you can't expect them to stop doing what they don't know/understand they are doing.)

But seriously Bridget is supposed to be on the run hiding yet the idiot keeps telling everyone and their damn brother who/where she is going so far as to leave messages on cell phones. UGH! First she keeps calling Malcom, and the only reason I can figure for the bad guy not having figured out exactly where Bridget is and who she's "pretending" to be is because he's an idiot that can't figure out how to play a full cell phone message. It's like he listens to the first bits, and then is like "oh, I have to stop listening now otherwise I might figure out exactly what I want to know." UGH!
(I quote pretending, because she's not really trying to be Siobhan at all. She's basically as near as I can tell being herself while just having changed her name. And, to be fair, that isn't necessarily a bad thing - she's wanting to make the lives of her supposed dead sisters friends and family better. I could support her if she wasn't so stupid, I think.)

Malcom just sell the dumbass (Bridget) out she does not deserve your loyalty.

And as if the above wasn't dumb enough... SPOILERSCollapse )

But again the ending here could lead to this show feeling more thrillerish then soap, but as I said I just don't trust the writers to turn that way.

And weirdly enough 'Ringer' just got picked up for a full season...Collapse )