...didn't want to write it myself, because I suck at writing META. At least I kind of suck at META I try to do on-purpose. Sometimes I'm pretty good with accidental META. Accidental META happens when I just have something to say and somehow it just comes together all META like. When I try to do it on-purpose I end up miles away from META and more in to rant-land. Though, good news, while this may not be META, it isn't a rant either. So, YAY!

Basically I'm just going to ramble about two things/people from ...And Then There Were None that I was hoping to see someone else META about, but if it's out there I haven't found it. So, mostly it's just me blabbering on about some things from ...And Then There Were None, so SPOILERS for ...And Then There Were None and other all ready aired season six episodes.

Bobby playing daddy does make sense, even if I don't really love it. And some interesting, at least I think interesting, thoughts on Dean.Collapse )

So, did that make sense to anyone? Cause in my head it makes sense, but I'm not sure it translated well from my head to the page.