You've probably noticed in my last few entries I've been in a bit of a mood - lets just say that there were things from online whirling around in my head and then something in real life lit the fuse and I was off. But then if one was paying close attention they might have noticed that my mood was slightly different yesterday afternoon.

I has kittens, except I shouldn't have kittens, but they are cute and adorable anyway.

Okay, lets go back to the beginning. There's been a stray cat hanging around for almost a year, said cat may or may not have been one of the litter born under my house from another stray cat just before I brought home my very own "stray" cat.

Anyway, for the longest time the cat would hang around, but didn't want anything at all to do with me. She'd even give me dirty looks if she thought I was moving toward her. Then suddenly toward the end of last winter she decided I wasn't so bad after all. She'll let me pet her, but nothing more.

Well, I'm guessing this past Saturday she gave birth to four kittens, I think under my house, so there's some nice symmetry for her, if I'm correct about her orgins anyway. Well, then Thursday night I kept hearing something, and went out and started looking around - she had moved three of her kittens from under the house to a big empty box on my front porch.

The babies are adorable, and I found my mood starting to brighten.
(Especially since I all ready have a good home for them once they're old enough.)

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PS - Watched the season premiere of Haven last night, and while it ain't no Pretty Little Liars I have to say it wasn't bad. I won't say it's great, but I didn't hate it, and it didn't bore me, and it held up fairly well the second time I watched it, so I'm calling it good (for now).

PPS - Despite being in a better mood now, that does NOT mean my opinions in previous posts have changed, it just means I'm so much less likely to stab things now.