My story begins yesterday (Sunday), when a friend loaned me the "new" Star Trek, which I hadn't yet watched, nor did I plan to go ahead and watch it last night, but it turned out that I had watched most of my shows live this past week so there wasn't much on the DVR, so I said "hell with it" and popped in Star Trek...

Now most folks (I think) know I'm not generally a fan of prequels so I wasn't expecting to really like this movie - the only question was whether I'd hate it or just not like it, but it turns out I actually liked it. And lots of things I'd heard about this movie - well, makes me wonder if I got some previously unknown copy of the movie or something, because I don't think McCoy actually drank a drop, and I'd heard this movie made him into a borderline alcoholic. Hell, I'm not sure Scotty even drink anything.

Was it perfect? Probably not, but it certainly wasn't as bad as I was expecting based on the reactions of others - I actually think I love it. There were two characters that this movie didn't get quite right, though I can't exactly put my finger on what exactly was wrong with them. But neither Uhura or Chekov seemed quite like the original Uhura and Chekov, but neither were far enough off to drive me crazy either.
And, okay, there were times where it felt like the actor playing young!McCoy was trying to be DeForest Kelley rather than a young Bones McCoy, but I admit that didn't bother all that much, once or twice, but mostly it wasn't an issue.

One reason it probably didn't drive me crazy was because I thought young Spock (not baby!Spock) was as close to perfect as any actor could've made him. Young!Scotty was also as close to perfect as he could be, and I didn't think young!Kirk was that far off, and most of the "glitches" from this Kirk to the first Kirk could be explained by his fathers untimely death in the new timeline, I think. Though I do think they shouldn't have tried to explain HOW Kirk beat Starfleets unbeatable test. It's like Anya's (from Buffy) fear of rabbits, it was much better until the show tried to explain it.
Actually, I think Trek handled the test thing slightly better than Whedon with the rabbit thing, but only slightly better.

So, spank me, Trek hard-core, for I am naughty - I like NuTrek.

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