February 10th, 2009


MISC Storm Related... (Possible NEW storm)

In a moment of dramatics - "It never ends!" Now allow me to pull myself out of the dramatics. Power still on, water still on (though boiling still necessary), so alls good on that score.

And let us stop for an almost cute moment. Last night (Monday night) it started raining, bit later than two weeks ago, and thankfully it was just rain (too warm now for anything else), but my doggie could not sleep last night. I really do think she remembered the Monday night two weeks ago. Anyway, she sure acted like it.
(In a fun"ish" twist, it has also been raining most of the day, just like that Tuesday, but again it is just plain ol' rain this time.)

But now they are calling for high winds and thunderstorms - the high winds are supposed to start sometime today/tonight, then the thunderstorms tomorrow. Since there are still limbs, trees, and not to mention power poles that don't look entirely stable... *shivers*

Many of the branches that broke but didn't fall have been cleaned up, but not all of them (some have fallen today even, because while I was out there are limbs in the road again that had previously been cleaned up - it was a bit windy last night), then there are the leaning trees, which admittedly might continue to stand for years that way, but still leaning is not of the good. Then the power poles, some of which I know are put in with a lean, but there are several that I know for a fact were not leaning or at least not leaning as badly before the storm as they are now that scare me most off all.

So, our little area may be looking at another round of lights/heat go bye-bye. Ironic, since the paper had reported that finally all the power that was out had finally been restored last night/this morning. The good news is that our paper reports that the power company(ies) aren't leaving the area until after the storm just in case. Hopefully this means that if the power does go out again it won't be out long. *crosses fingers* Though I'd really rather not have the power go out at all. Been there and done that, wasn't as fun as one might think.


*takes deep breath*

*peeks out from under the bed*

Well, it would seem all is well, at least for now. Not saying the winds weren't scary, cause they were, but surprisingly the power only blinked twice, though I did avoid the PC most of the day cause the wind had me worried that the power would go out all the way. Still the winds are calm today, and maybe we'll have a few weeks (or more) with no bad weather.
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