February 8th, 2009

BuckWild_Ice Age 3

Ice Storm 2009 REDUX

In the words of Princess Leia - this isn't over yet. Although, I think now we may be finally getting there.
(At least the power, and so far the phones have remained strong.)

Day One Redux

On Friday morning, got up nd washed clothes - I kept putting it off, and finally decided it HAD to be done. Lucky thing too, because sometime Friday afternoon our water pressure once again vanished. Thankfully, the water heater had enough time to refill before we lost pressure.

Day Two Redux

Water was completely off when I woke this morning. So, I went and took off trash, and decided to buy a couple gallons of water, cause we were very seriously running low. And even with buying the extra water it still wasn't enough to flush potties, so the garage became an outhouse.

Talked to someone while I was in the store and they said they'd heard it would be out a couple days... EEK!

Day Three Redux

When I woke up this morning the blessed water was back. It still needs to be boiled but pressure is good, and therefore it is shower time!
(My hair was getting bad again, not as bad as before, but still not good.)

The good news is that some places in the county are no longer under the boil water thingie, so I have faith that perhaps this time things will go better, and before long not having running water will be a distant nightmare.
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