Mostly I'm just tired of seeing the other entry pop-up when I come to LJ, but also feeling chatty about my gardening stuff.

So, lets see, I placed several orders this year (and some that were for fall planting that didn't come up until this year) - not everything has come up and done well, but I'm actually doing better so far this year than last year.

The fall stuff - Two iris and three Day lilies, along with Easter Flowers, except the latter I did not order. I was expecting something totally different to come up, trouble is I can't remember what I actually ordered, but I know I wouldn't have ordered Easter Flowers because I've got a zillion of those all ready. Okay, so the ones I have are white and the ones that came to me are yellow so I can live with it, but I know Easter Flowers were not what I ordered.
(Just need to get off my ass and put them in the garden for next year - the bulbs arrived a bit late for proper fall planting so I cheated, but they really should be in a garden.)

Two of the day lilies (from the fall planting) look good, but no blooms yet. The one that doesn't look good is mostly my fault. It was coming up smaller than the other two, but it was coming up, then when I was weeding I stepped on it and killed on of the two spouts coming up. But it doesn't end there, later I was again weeding and again I stepped on the remaining green. All things considered I'm really surprised that it is still trying to grow - glad, but surprised.
(I also got three free mini-day lilies from another company as a free gift with purchase, those are also doing nicely.)

Anyway, as far as the iris plants... They weren't actually what I was expecting either, though I did actually order them. One bloomed this spring, the other did not, and the one that bloomed was a goldish color, and while it wasn't ugly or unpleasing on the eyes, I would not have actually ordered that color. However, I didn't actually specify a color when ordering, so I can't complain. The other did not bloom, so I have no idea what color it is, or if it will ever actually bloom.

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