February 27th, 2008


Wonderful, just wonderful...

You know how everyone talks about how wonderful DVRs are and how they totally replace VHS... It's bullcrap! Oh, I'll admit they're good, and the picture quality of the recorded stuff IS much better than VHS, but BIG WHOOP!

I actually noticed right off the bat that even if you have an impressive number of recording hours (in my case 150) you will fill that up faster than you think. Now most of the stuff is the watch once and delete type stuff, but even then I had already accumulated about one hundred hours that I wanted to keep, not forever just for a while. Most (but not all) I would have eventually deleted.

And that was pretty much all the thought I gave about all that, until now.

*sigh* I suppose I should have known that something could (would) go wrong. Several months ago I got DISH DVR and all was well... Mostly. I kinda miss the awesome local forecast from the weather channel as cable has but DISH does not. I mean it has one, but it just isn't quite as good as cables. I also lost two "local" stations - one is even in another state. Still having so many channels IS good, because that usually means there is something on somewhere that is worth watching, and hey if not I have the stuff I was saving in my DVR.

Whoops! I don't. Well, actually I still do for the moment. But in the coming days I won't, because even though I'm putting stuff from the DVR to VHS as fast as I can (which isn't very fast) there's no way I can save one hundred hours of stuff...

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