Honestly, while I love being on a writing roll, there comes a point there it's like - "Listen mind I cannot possibly keep up this pace."

I'd started the reworking of Blood Ties finally, I've honestly been meaning to do it for years (literally). I'd also started on the sequel to Unexpected American Vacation which was coming along nicely. Then just before Christmas this new idea slams into me and I've been working on nothing but that since, because I can't seem to stop working on it.

You think I'm joking, but I'm really not. The story has completely taken over my life. Yes, a fanfic has practically taken over my life. One night I was up til four am because every time I thought done (finally), I'd close my eyes and the whole thing would start over again.

What started out as a simple one part fanfic has now become a freakin' trilogy!Collapse )

I mean like I said I do like being on a roll, but for the most part I've been writing practically non-stop since November. Breaks make the world go round and all, but I haven't really had one.

Also I'm probably going to be getting a new PC soon - which is of the good, but because of all the writing I've been doing I've got large amounts of stuff to save and I'm not sure I can, because I can't burn them to CD, I'm having to be more creative. *sigh*