Well, first the good news - as I said last entry I have finished Unexpected American Vacation, and now the ending has been posted for all to read. YAY!
The downside, though no one but me probably sees it that way... Last night when I was putting all the notes and such about the story away I found myself compelled to jot down a few notes. Those notes weren't about the tenative epilogue - Noooo, they were for a full on sequel. *sigh* I was so happy that I was finally finished with that story, and now my brain/muse/whatever you wish to call it keeps nugding me in the direction of a sequel.

In other YAY news - I've completely finished the rough draft for the final part of Long Gray Twilight, I even finished typing the handwritten parts up just before making this entry.
That ended up being a job of work I didn't expect. I like to type everything up and then print a copy. Maybe I'm old fashioned or just have sucky eyesight, but I proofread better from a printed copy than I do on a computer screen. Well, I was six (yes six) pages away from being finished with that when my printer ran out of ink. I have some used (and refiled) cartridges, alas I think the ink may have dried up in them, because no matter what I done I could not get ink out of them. Thankfully I had a brand new cartridge on-hand, otherwise I'd be cranky right now.

Anyway, the point of all that which was making me happy was that I was going to take the rest of the weekend to go around and attempt to catch up on my message boards, or well message boards where I post, before starting on another one of my fics needing an edit job, wasn't planning to start a fresh fanfic at all for awhile. However, I have all these fanfic ideas in my head that don't seem to want to let me have a break.
So, I'm half afraid if I take my well earned break I'll lose all these ideas, but I really want to just not be working on fanfic, for just a little while - I've been working steady on fanfic for over two weeks, and I'd really kind of like to have a break now. Thank you!