...it's not all bad. Okay, it is bad enough, I suppose. Floors made of cheap wood weren't meant to get wet - so that could cause some problems later on. Although, I think I did a pretty good job of drying the floors quickly, though there are still a few damp spots and I'd forgotten my closet which is right next to the problem. By the time I got in there it wasn't as wet as I was expecting, which means the cheap wood under the carpet has probably soaked up much of the water. So that may be the first place I have problems. But I've got the floor cleared and a fan drying (hopefully) the dampness that lingers. So maybe (hopefully, please-oh-pretty please!) it won't be so bad.

Wait, I've jumped the gun, haven't I? Though if you've read the last entry you can probably figure out what I'm speaking of. The leaky water heater. Well, the leak was stopped before I made that entry, and now the water heater is drained of all water, and a new water heater has been purchased.

The downside, and come on - you read this journal, you knew there would be a downside. ;) I can't afford to install the new water heater at the moment, so I'm completely without hot water until next week. My dad thought he could pop-in and install it himself, but turns out there are some funky things that were done when the current (and now leaky) water heater was installed originally and so I need a plumber, which I can't call until payday.

But despite all that, I'm happy. Maybe it is a stupid thing to be happy about, but it works for me. I found the original Star Wars VHS tape, which I honestly didn't know I had. I knew somewhere I had Empire on VHS, but I didn't think I had A New Hope (or Jedi for that matter) on anything other than recorded from TV VHS. But I have the original Star Wars - yes Yes YES! Honestly, I don't mind most of the changes that were made to Empire or Jedi, but the changes that were made (especially a certain one involving a certain solo character) bother me. Though I admit when I go back and watch, I'll probably watch the original versions of both A New Hope and Empire instead of the new versions, though I will be forced to watch one of the new versions of Jedi, but still I be happy!