So, I made this entry about how things were going well... Well, I should have known better. Guess what happened?

Not two days after making the "going well" entry something else happened. I think I give up, just flat give up! I will now spend the "going well" periods actively waiting for the next run of suck!

Okay, so yesterday afternoon there was a small (note the small part) spot of water on my bedroom carpet. I assumed the cat did it, because in the day she's the only one back there and while the spot was somewhat close to the water heater, it wasn't (I thought) close enough to have come from the water heater.
(One reason I blamed the cat was because she had taken to pooping outside of the litter box again and so I thought maybe she'd just stopped using it completely at that point.
My kitty wishes me to inform everyone that she has been falsely accused (falsey, I tell you!) and that her accuser (me) will be making it up to her - probably for the rest of her life. LOL

Anyway, I cleaned the spot up and while it was still damp when I was done, it wasn't soaking wet. Later that night I went back and there was a second spot and the first one seemed to have been reinforced... But they were still small spots and around those spots the carpet was still dry and neither of the spots was next to the wall where the water heater is housed.

So this time I pulled out my steam vac and sucked up all the water. But, of course, that was not the end of it! NO, I got up this morning and this time not only were the first two spots wet again, but there was a nice wet spot connecting them. I used my steam vac again and this time it picked up so much liquid that... Well, it couldn't be the cat unless she'd spent her whole night in that spot pissing.

DAMN IT! I really wanted it to be the cat. Because kitty accidents, while annoying to clean-up after, wouldn't cost me a fortune. But, NOOOO!, it is a leaking water heater. I don't know how long it has been leaking, but by this afternoon there was so much that even before I checked I knew the kitty was not to blame.

In fairness it might not be the water heater itself, but pipes connected to it, because once we stopped water from going into the unit it stopped leaking. Notice we stopped water going in, but we haven't yet drained it - so the heater itself is still full of water, but as near as I can tell there aren't any pipes under the damn thing where the water is/was coming from.