*sigh* I'm feeling really discouraged and sarcastic and I'm not sure why. Sure, I'm having some problems, but they aren't that bad, I think it's probably because as I get one solved another creeps up.

Anyway, for those following the "me vs VCR" saga, I've decided to announce that has ended in something of a draw. The VCR/DVD player I was complaining about the other day was perfectly workable, but I had to have either a Dish or a Cable box for it to record from TV. Since I have neither there was actually no way to make it work. Money has been refunded and no one (or anything) was damaged in the process. YAY!
And all is forgiven, because they freely admitted their mistake!

Of course, I still don't have a working VCR, but I have found someone who will probably be able to fix it, so YAY, again! I actually have two VCRs, but one hasn't played tapes in forever, it eats them instead. The only reason it is still hooked up is because the TV it is hooked to is a rather old (old being something of an understatement) TV and without running the connections through the unit I wouldn't be able to see some of my favorite shows.
However, after (if) I am able to get the first VCR fixed, I'm thinking about taking the second one in and seeing if I might be able to get that one working properly as well. Never hurts to have a back-up, problem is that VCR is rather old itself, not as old as the TV its hooked too, but still old.

The plus side - it has finally rained. Not a quick (infrequent, this year, storm), but it has rained! All day yesterday, all night as well, and rained rather heavily all day today. I doubt the drought is over, but it should still rain some for the next three days - YAY and SQUEE! While it is a little late, hopefully it will still help the trees and things a bit.

Finally, it just never stops...Collapse )