*sigh* My flist has gone crazy over the "news" that Dumbledore and Grindlewald were getting it on. While I admit I'm impressed that Rowling finally allowed someone in her Verse to be gay, I'm less than impressed that it is a character that she trashed (Dumbledore) before doing so.
I suppose you'd like a link... Here, at least I think so, I haven't bothered to read it...

Naturally this puts me in an interesting position, since I've always thought Dumbledore was a bad bad man. Still I'd be more impressed with this "big" reveal had it come while Dumbledore was still seen as (believed to be) a nice man, I mean from what I've heard even Rowling has come out and admitted that Dumbledore wasn't a good person.

But seriously I admit I'd be much happier if it was a character(s) I cared about. I've never liked Dumbledore and I REALLY don't want to imagine him naked (and I'm NOT going to!) and I don't know Grindlewald at all, so I naturally don't care about him.

I think what strikes me funny about this is the fact that several on my flist (who like me, or at least I'd thought) had begun to disregard what Rowling had to say post-Books - for very valid reasons, but mainly because Rowling early on couldn't keep her post-DH stories straight, but let Rowling announce a gay character and suddenly everyone and their brother is squeeling.

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