There is a very valid reason why I've always used the Stewart/Colbert icons instead of the Colbert/Stewart or Colbert/Other. We know Jon Stewart - he's not playing a character on his show, certainly not to the extent Stephen Colbert does. The latter was even playing a character back in his Daily Show days. So, when all is said and done we don't really know the real Stephen Colbert - we know his character and while I love said character very much, there's no way in hell I'd want said character as Commander and Chief.

On the other hand, if "Colbert" had a running mate that we know and loved - like oh-say Jon Stewart then I'd be much more comfortable with the idea of President Colbert.

Actually, lets be serious for a moment, if Stephen Colbert is serious about running, well then he needs to step out of character and run as himself. I don't think anyone truly wants "Stephen Colbert" in the White House (or at least I certainly hope not), but many of us might be comfortable with Stephen Colbert in the White House with or without Jon Stewart. But even plain ol' Stephen Colbert doesn't have my vote just yet, because I've rarely (if ever) seen the man out of character. So, Stephen needs to step out from behind "Stephen" and let us (his potential voters) know where he stands.

Unless he really is planning to run as his character... Which might, I admit, be interesting even though I'd never (seriously) vote for "Stephen Colbert."


Actually, since I've been voting for the lessor of two evils for a long time now, it might be worth it to toss my vote directly in the trash by voting for "Stephen Colbert" just to make a statement on how far the mighty (the United States) has actually fallen.

To be perfectly honest, I'm still not sure Stephen Colbert/"Stephen Colbert" is seriously going to run for President - I'm mostly waiting for the rest of the joke here, but since I didn't really feel like ranting about Harry Potter again I figured I'd just go ahead and state my piece on Colbert/"Colbert."