*sigh* I kinda hate making these entries because it makes me feel like I'm being an egomaniac... On the other hand, I do know there are people around who are (no doubt) seriously wondering what the crap happened to me.

So it was nothing major just time consuming, other than that I really don't want to talk about it. The second problem I am more willing to talk about.

By the time I got the other issues out of the way - or mostly out of the way - my Anti-Virius program was at the end of its subscription. This has taken me three days to work out - first I had to download a newer version, because they wouldn't let me just renew my subscription, and since I'm on a dial-up... *shivers* So that was one day shot (and I do mean shot!), then the next day I had to install my bright shinny new downloaded program, then came the quirks. You see my Anti-Virius program and my PC don't exactly get along, but even without that there were still some other problems. Finally, on the third day I believe I've finally worked out all the quirks because everything (finally) seems to be working properly. *knocks on wood*

So today I'm going to catch up on LJ, although that is relative because I doubt I'm going back to read every single entry that has been made since I've been gone - sorry, but I have no doubt my flist has been as active as ever while I've been away.

Then I'll try and start creeping back onto the message boards - although since I know I'm miles behind - I actually find myself not wanting too, because I know there is no way in hell that I will be able to completely catch-up (I.E. read everything posted in my absence), but I'm going to try. However, there is another issue - it is time to decorate for Halloween, so it may be next week before I really even begin to get anywhere near caught-up.

PS - in the event there is something that one thinks I should see/do as soon as possible - leave a comment (and I can't stress this enough) with a link to what you believe I need to see/do. Otherwise I'll get there when I get there.