This entry is mainly just to let those who post on message boards with me know why I haven't been around much (or at all) this past week or so. However, since my absence probably hasn't been noticed on some of the smaller boards (because I have popped in once or twice) this entry is kinda pointless for those. However, in explaining what I've been doing those who enjoy HP fanfic might find something of interest behind the cut.

Cause that's what I've been doing, reading fanfic. I honestly didn't mean for it to turn into a massive read-fest - I was actually coming down off my post-Deathly Hallows read-fest and hadn't been planning to start another on the heels of it - at least not another HP read-fest. But you know what they say about plans. Anyway, this read-fest started because I was searching for a fic, one that I'd been reading which someone had informed me had been completed since last I checked. Well, apparently I never got around to actually saving the link for said fic, so I've had to search the hard way... Probably not the best idea, because I kept getting distracted in my search by the pretty pretty fanfics. None of which were the one I was looking for, so my search isn't over yet. ;)

The plus side of this is that I've found some good fics that I hadn't read before - YAY!

The fics I've been readingCollapse )

So now you know what I've been doing instead of message board posting. *sigh* I'm also about to reread one of the stories, because I kinda rushed through the original read. Then, of course, I'd like to finish the one above I haven't finished reading yet, and (finally) I still need to find the story that got me started in all this - so who knows when the fanfic will release me. ;)