Okay, so I've long known that there was some way to diddle with filters and make custom friends lists, but until yesterday I had no idea how to do that.

Well, I went in and fiddled around and figured it out. (GO ME!)

And that's what this entry is about - I've decided no matter what the genre (Buffy, X-Files, whatever) if I write an adult fic and post it here on LJ I'm going to make it so that only adults can see it.

Which leads into another issue - I know some on my Flist are old enough, but I can't be certain about everyone, especially those I don't know very well. So, if you're old enough to read adult stuff but aren't on the following list, comment here to be added to said list.

The List!Collapse )

It should be noted that I generally post my fanfic in other places anyway, so it isn't that big a deal. However, sometimes I post first chapters and one-shots here just to get an idea if anyone is interested in seeing more, or in the case of one-shots just to store them until I can post them somewhere else.

PS - If you are on the list and for whatever reason don't care about seeing/reading my fic, just comment here telling me so and I'll remove you from the filter.