I haven't really commented on the recent LJ/SA/Fandom debacle, but will admit I was starting to get a bit worried. So much so that I removed all my HP fanfic (even fic not posted to my own journal), while my HP fanfics were perfectly legal because the characters were of age in them, I just decided to play it safe and remove them.

Turns out that might have been a bit premature - according to LJ reps they aren't looking at fanfic, just (fan)art. However, I'm not going to rush around putting up my fic again... Mainly just cause I'm lazy, though admittedly I am a bit gunshy as well.

NO, I haven't removed all my fanfic from LJ, just the HP fanfic. Mostly cause HP is the only one where if someone didn't look closely they might assume I was writing the characters while they were still kids - and apparently the fictional children MUST be protected! This isn't a problem for the other fandoms I write for (including Buffy), but could be a problem for HP where the series started with characters that were ten/eleven years old.

Anyway, the debacle itself seems to be settling down, but I've just gotten a perm account and I admit I would be just a wee bit (can you say understatement boys and girls?) pissed if my journal were suddenly baaleeted! Especially with no warning and therefore no chance to correct whatever error I might have made. I'd at least like to keep this journal long enough to use up the money I spent - know what I mean?
Five years would, I think, be long enough, because then I would at least break even. Of course, I'd (obviously) like this journal to be around longer than that, but at least if it could hang around for five years I wouldn't feel so cheated.

So, despite still feeling a wee bit gunshy, I'm not running out and getting another journal - I have enough trouble keeping up with this one. Although I will admit if I ever decided to get another one, InsaneJournal seems like it would be the best choice for me, but as mentioned above with the just getting of a perm account I will be sticking around LJ and may even decide to post HP fic here again, but I won't be jumping in right away with the HP fic.