So, we were having a nice coolish summer where I live, then last week (Sunday to be exact) the temp started going up up and away! Seriously, tripple digit heat where I live, while not unheard of, is rare.

My poor AC just couldn't keep up... It did all right through Tuesday and then Wednesday it just lost the battle - Wednesday in the house it got up to 82 (that's F not C) and yesterday it got up to 84. Thankfully it didn't stay at 84 long, but it stayed over 80 til well after dark.

I went out and bought a dehumidifier, which (in my opinion) is defective because it warms things up just a tad instead of cooling them off just a tad. If I didn't know better I'd swear I picked up a humidifier by mistake, but I didn't - I've checked - twice!

Well, today, after work I went and picked up a couple more plain ol' fans (making a grand total of six - Though one is really tiny and isn't really good for cooling, and I know I've got another fan stashed away somewhere, and if this extreme heat doesn't go away soon I will be digging that one out too), while a front did come through and things are slightly better today - they'll be headed back up next week.
And even with the minor (very minor) cool off today the air conditioner has already lost a couple degrees, but I've got my fans with ice on them AND it's only a few more hours until blessed nightfall so I shouldn't *crosses fingers* lose more than the few degrees I've already lost today.

I think I'm gonna try and save me some dough and get a window air conditioner to assist big momma (the house air conditioner) for next year. At the very least I could put it in my bedroom window and sleep better. I know next year it might not get this hot, but after suffering (seriously) for two days I ain't a-taking no chances - if all goes well by next year I will have a window air conditioner.

Seriously, it was so hot yesterday even my dog was uncomfortable and since my dog is usually freezing to death and has always liked warmth much better than me - IT'S HOT! Hell, even my cat found the coolest room in the house and stayed there until after dark and she's like the dog she usually likes basking in the heat.