Okay, I know I said to not expect this review very soon, but I ended up jotting down some thoughts as I was reading and so I decided to post them. Doing it this way probably means (that unless something really sticks out) I won't actually do an "official" review.

This time around there will be spoilers, lots and lots of spoilers, as well as lots of sympathy for lots of shippers. I think everybody got just a little screwed here on that score. So oddly enough, I don't actually talk much about the shipping.

SPOILERS! You read the following you will be spoiledCollapse )

So that's it - Harry Potter is offically over. I'm actually glad, I know many people were both eager and dreading the moment, but personally I was just eager. As long as there is more canon to come, I do tend to get tied up in that. But now that it is over I can now completely allow myself to be carried away by fanon and no longer do I have to wonder what Rowling might or might not do in regards to canon. So now that it is over, I can either use or ignore, or use and ignore. I'M FREE!