I watched a movie. A very good movie. Frailty (sucky title, Just like another movie I recently watched called Burnt Offerings - I finally learned by listening to the commentary why it was titled as such, but nothing save candles actually got burned in the story itself) and I must say that THIS is how you pull off plot twists. Your audience spends half the movie thinking one way and then the story spins on a dime and it isn't at all what you thought it was. Good stuff when it makes sense, and in this case it did.
In this case I'd thought the youngest son was taking after daddy - which in a way was correct, but it was the elder son that was actually the bad guy. Good show, very good show.

And there was another little moment in the end where I was sort of expecting that the younger (now styled good) one would do something naughty (trying not be overly spoily here) - which would have actually ruined the movie, but sometimes writers/directors can't help themselves so I expected it to happen - and it didn't happen and because it didn't happen it was so very good.

The funny part of all this was that when I got the movie I could not remember why it ended up on my list. Honestly, I still don't know why or how it ended up on my list. But even the description wasn't enough to make me very excited, but since I had nothing else to do but wait for a certain book (remember until I come online late this morning I was still half hoping I had not already been spoiled) I decided to go ahead and watch it anyway. I'm really very glad I did.

As for Potter Seven - NO SPOILERS, just cutting for lengthCollapse )

PS - Don't expect my Potter review anytime soon. If I do manage to finish my first read today (and I probably will) I'll still want to read it again before I lay down my thoughts. And that is if I decide laying down my thoughts are actually worth it, in the end they may not be, or I may have said all I really want to say about it above.