Okay, I've decided to leave this entry completely open to everyone. Originally, I'd planned to flock it so I wouldn't get some joker coming along and spoiling everything. However, I believe I've already been completely spoiled for HP Book Seven. No, I wasn't trying to spoil myself - I truly honestly believed that I'd come across a very clever fake, it had to be fake because it is literally that bad. So, I totally honestly believed it was just some fanfic writer who'd found a clever way to pimp their fic. I mean it had to be fake, because even I (never a Rowling fangirl) thought Rowling could (and would) do better than that version reflected. Apparently not. But enought about that - I'll no doubt have a better rant once I read the book, because I've only skimmed the so-called true version, though I have read all the reviews of said version... Well, probably not all, but I've read at least three.

Anyway, as I said here, there were only a few things I wanted to know. A reminder for those going to spoil me:

1. Ship SPOILERS - I don't want to know the ships, just if there are any surprises in the main character pairings (i.e. Harry, Ron, and Hermione). There probably aren't, not if the version I've seen is true, but I admit a part of me, despite the overwhelming evidence, believes that the book I get tomorrow will be different from the version I've read online.)

2. Do Harry, Hermione, and Ron attend Hogwarts in Book Seven? I don't mean do they stop by for a chat or a battle, but do they actually go to school?

3. Snape - Good, bad, or other? Yes, other could be a very valid answer.

Though all things considered - if you know the version I've talked about in this entry, you could just tell me if that really is Book Seven or not.

If (EDIT NOTE: WHAT DO YOU MEAN IF) the leaked book is real, I'll just direct everyone over to wtf_jkr, if the spoilers are true this community should be real popular real soon. *wink*
EDIT NOTE: While I don't yet have my copy, I've read enough from people who have read the book to know that the so-dubbed Carpet Book is the real deal - so no real need to spoil me, since I did that myself several days ago.

In closing - I really do HATE spiders - they make their damn webs everwhere! I was up early this morning and decided to go out and do a spot of gardening while it was cool. I knocked down many webs and still managed to walk right through two spider webs anyway despite how careful I was being.

At least spiders weren't in ones I walked through, which is why I didn't see them, but getting web on youself is annoying because it is very hard to get it the hell off. Even when you think you've finally gotten it all - turn around and you'll find more.

FINALLY, and this should probably go without saying, but in case it doesn't - IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED - DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT READ ANY REPLIES TO THIS ENTRY!