Okay, I've gotten some emails asking about this story (no doubt because I have it recced on my fic rec list). Well, knightmare_shad has posted it again (here Yay and Squee!). However, before you can read it, you'll have to get knightmare_shad to friend you (Which means you'll have to have a LJ account), but at least it is posted on the internet again.

Sorry about not replying to emails about this, but I'm getting iffy on replying to emails since I've known some people who've replied to emails only to find their email accounts hacked - yes, I am paranoid.

I would also like to thank a certain someone (not mentioning the name in case they don't want it known) for the coupon they sent me. I'd never visited the site in question before and probably never would have if not for getting the coupon. Anyway, thank you for the coupon.

Finally, yes, I'm up and online much later than normal for me. Weird week this one is turning out to be. But at least I've got something else to focus on rather than getting crazy obsessive about the release day. Of course, if the spoilers I'm hearing are true... Well, while I hold out a small hope they are fake, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they actually prove to be true and I won't be one happy little reader! Well, actually I will be, but I suppose part of me kept hoping I was wrong about Rowling.