For those who don't want Movie Five spoilers - there are NONE in this entry, but I can't speak for replies, since I'd like to have Movie Five spoilers, I'm not asking people to avoid spoiling me. So while you can safely read this entire entry, I would recommend reading the replies (if any) with caution.

First, this is crossposted to LoonyLions so those on my flist who post there will see it twice, sorry! Though I did add some bits in this one that weren't on the other.

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Well, that was all over the place.

PS - For those of you who have seen Movie Five, I have no objection to you talking about it in the thread comments. Because I would like to know how Movie Five stacks up for you in comparison to the others - yes, I'm trying to figure out if I'll like this movie more the three and four or not. Keeping in mind that while I thought Movie Four should have been two movies, I never felt such a thing for Book/Movie Five, because I did feel that Book Five was overly long and was hoping the movie would seriously tighten things up.

Plus, I've just never understood avoiding Movie spoilers for the Potter movies, because I've read the book, and while I know there will be some differences, I already know the core story, so the movie isn't going to truly surprise me with a plot twist or something. *shrug* Maybe I'd feel different if I was a movie only person, but I'm not, so I don't.