At least not for some of us, because some of us (I know I am not alone here) really do like being spoiled.

Yes, this is about the tight security on the last Potter book. Look I totally respect that many of you would rather go in fresh and not be spoiled, but considering my reaction to the last two books (but especially Six, more on that in a bit) I'd rather have some idea of what to expect before going in. Because you see, if I don't get spoiled beforehand I will read the end first, probably the last two chapters in fact, the last chapter and the epilogue.

Sadly that would give even me more info than I'd want, because I don't actually want to know who dies (nor really who actually gets with who), but if I don't get spoiled, I'd pretty much be unable to stop myself from reading the last first.

It's called bracing oneself. You see, I went into Book Six cold (because I pretty much couldn't buy a SPOILER for it) and I'm pretty sure I went into Book Five mostly cold. I may have been a bit spoiled for Book Five, since I didn't pre-order, but I know I was not heavily spoiled, because despite the number of folks (who no doubt) commented on it, I did not know who the Book Five death was until I read it. Therefore I hadn't braced myself for some of the less than desirable things in those books. On the other hand, if I'd had spoilers (such as Harry's OOC rage) these things might (I say might) not have taken me out of the story as they did, because I would have been expecting them. So I use spoilers to brace myself for things, and would also like to do that with Book Seven, because I know from experience several things which sealed my dislike for those books probably wouldn't have seemed so bad to me if I'd had a little advanced warning.

What sort of SPOILERS I'd like to know before reading - NO ACTUAL SPOILERS in the following. M'Kay.Collapse )

I guess what I'm saying, if you are on my flist and will be getting the book six/seven (if not more) hours before I do - could you kindly spoil me on these points. Please, thanx! Cause I really don't want to be compelled to read the last chapters first, shockingly enough.