So I really should have gotten back to working on fanfic after getting the new keyboard, but I was making so many typos at first that I told myself to wait a bit.

Then I've gotten a bit caught up (maybe to caught up) in ISU Week over at FAP. And when I wasn't doing that, I was FINALLY getting around to watching a VOY disc.

*sigh* I started out all gung-ho on the rewatching, but then as I went along in season two I found myself losing steam. And I had the current DVD for ages before watching, so I finally moved back the rest of VOY on my list, so after this it will be quite some time before I get back to VOY, unless I get a hankering to see the show again.
I think if I could just get past season two, I'd probably be more into this, because I remember seasons three, four, and most of five were some of the best of VOY.

Anyway, on with the show...

PrototypeCollapse )

A (Brief) Medical Rant - VOY related!Collapse )

AlliancesCollapse )

Threshold - Oh, joy!Collapse )

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