So since I've got a new keyboard, I figured I'd make a new entry. Pardon the typos, but the keyboard is slightly different from my old one and it is taking some getting used too.
The new one is better, so much better, but some of the keys are different (bigger) and the whole thing is shaped different from my old one, and also it isn't raised as high - I need to brace it with something, I think.

Okay, I admit that I do not really like this show, but I can't seem to stop watching it. For example, I thought last week was bad, then they showed the previews for this week and I find myself compelled to watch just to see what they do with Lil' George and Lil' Tony, since the previews are implying gayness, I can probably guess what'll be like... But again I can't seem to convince myself to stop watching.

A fact I did not know about this show.

Honestly, the show is rather tasteless. I mean I won't disagree that Bush and crew are pretty much walking parodies - it shouldn't be that difficult to satire them. And yet Lil' Bush is, at moments, almost painful to watch. Hopefully tonight will be the last time! Seriously, while there is no love lost between me and the Bush Admins, this show is just painfully stupid for the most part.