I can't help but laugh, I really can't. Over half the keys on my keyboard are refusing to work, including the space key. Should I give up trying to write fanfic?

So how did I type this? Not easily, but by using what keys I could and then copy/pasting the other characters I needed I managed to get the job done. But let me tell you, it takes FOREVER!
Not having the space key is especially annoying, but I also don't have the h or g, among others.

And even more good news, my throat is starting to feel worse again. Actually, that started last night, there is a constant sting, but at least it isn't swelling again, just hurting. But eating IS becoming an issue again.

Anyway, if all goes well, I should get another keyboard tomorrow, so at least (maybe, hopefully) that'll be one problem solved.

PS - Thankfully there's been lots of rain this weekend, so at least my area is no longer in danger of becoming a desert. So it's not ALL bad news.