So I was supposed to be working on Unexpected American Vacation, but I never managed to reread what I'd already wrote. And possibly it wouldn't have mattered if I had because another idea sprang full force into my head. So now I have three stories - Unexpected American Vacation, the New *Buffy/Anita crossover, and now a bright shinny new Star Wars/Buffy crossover.

Hopefully, tonight I can clean the first chapter of one of them up and post one of them tomorrow, I'd like to see what people think. And, hey, it might not be UAV, but at least I'm writing again. YAY!

Actually, I used to be able to do more than one story at the same time, but for several years now the few times I've tried it there was some bleed over. However, maybe this will keep me going when I get stuck or bored on one story then I can switch over to the other one until the fog clears.

That could also help me when it comes to ending the story. I'm sure anyone who has read my work knows that more often than not I tend to rush the ending. What they may not know is the reason for that. Usually when that happens I'm out of ideas or the story has been told it just needs closing off, which I suck at. So I end up rushing the end to get the story completely done, but I know that ends up not being very satisfing. So maybe if I can juggle back and forth I can make my endings come smoother.

A note about the NEW Buffy/Anita crossover.Collapse )

Anyway, unless something changes the one I put up tomorrow will most likely be the StarWars/Buffy one. That is, if I can come up with a title for it - simply because it is the one rabidly chugging away in my head currently. Actually, I don't think I've got a title for the NEW Buffy/Anita x-over yet either. *sigh* Titles are not my friend.

PS - For those who are interested - I am feeling better today, not perfect, but I'm not living off pain medicine, or crying because I need more medicine but have to wait so I don't OD. Throat is still raw, swollen, and hurting, but I did manage some good real food today, and will (hopefully) by tomorrow not need medicine just to eat a good meal.