No this isn't the recs list I threatened awhile back, this is just a couple fics that I felt like reccing.
I may still do the list, but I probably won't. Mainly because I haven't had time to update the Potter Lists, so all I need is to add another that will need updating/working on. Also, I really do need to start working on my fanfic rather than stopping to read others. Oh well!

The first is an older one and possibly one that anyone in the Star Wars fandom has already read, but I just recently went back and reread it and wanted to share it with anyone else who may have missed it and would be interested. The second one is newer and is very much made of awesome.
However, for my fellow slashers, the first one is very much gen and the second one is gen with a dash of het. They're both on, so obviously the het isn't full-on, but it is there. But at least it isn't Luke/Mara*, so there is some comfort to be had.

1. Force Bond 1: Orphan by KittandChips
PG (complete) gen
Summary: AU After Owen and Beru are killed by a mysterious stranger, young Luke ends up as an orphan on Coruscant. It's a race against time as ObiWan struggles to find Luke before Vader realizes the boy is his son.
Chapters 13
Force Bond 2: Threat (15), A Force Bond Christmas (3), Force Bond: Interactive Media (1), Force Bond: Dentist (1), Force Bond: Social Trials (6), Force Bond: Summer Accidents (9), Force Bond 3: Son (15), Force Bond 4: Jedi (14). All complete and all rated PG

2. Dynasty by Valerie Vancollie and Rebecca Thomson
PG-13 (complete) gen/het
Summary: Abandoned on the first Death Star, Luke's true identity is revealed and Vader takes him to Coruscant. There he learns about the Empire and the Dark Side even as he hears his best friend has joined the Alliance.
Chapters 45
Though they are called chucks by the authors, because this story wasn't written as a chaptered story, merely broken down into one for ease of posting.

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