Okay, so the first thing I should have done after making my last entry should have been to find my story notes. Cause, can you guess what happened Friday when I decided to work on my fanfic? I couldn't find the notes and such.

I've found them NOW, but not in time to really get any work done!Collapse )

Anyway, now I have my notes, but not time to work. Well, that isn't exactly true, I'd have time to work. But I'm not home alone and that means the TV is on, and I'm one of those writers that need quite to work - otherwise I end up typing what I'm hearing rather than what I should be typing.

I don't really know why that happens, because I can type up messages, journal entries, message board entries, and if a story is already handwritten - I can usually type it up no problem, but I can't seem to properly focus without a "hard copy" when it comes to stories with words being spoken/sung around me. Go figure.
I can even work in edits to a story with all kinds of other things going on.

But, at least, since I've found the story when I have a moment or two to myself I'll be able to work on it.