Well, I started a new Buffy/Anita crossover story that I wanted to get posted before the new Anita novel (The Harlequin, or as it has been dubed in certain circles The Whoreliquin) hit the shelves. I'm not sure why it matters, because even though The Harlequin will, of course, make my new work uncanon, I'm still gonna write it anyway, so...

And then there's my poor little Unexpected American Vacation which so very badly needs me to get back to work on it. So, for anyone waiting on an update - I haven't given up on it, just haven't had time to work on it. Hopefully, when I do (finally) find the time I'll find that everything goes smoothly and the story won't try to stick on me.

Seriously, I'm afraid it won't happen, but I believe (if all goes well) I'm going to ignore everything else this weekend and work on fanfic. Since I can't beat The Harlequin (publishing wise, anyway), I would like to FINALLY finish up Unexpected American Vacation before getting back to the new Buffy/Anita crossover or anything else.

*sigh* There's also three Harry Potter fics that I thought I might get finished before Book Seven came out. There's more than that, but I was hoping to get at least three done before. And I probably ain't even going to get one finished - so I'll be working with HP fiction after the books are finished. Don't know if that is good news or not.
(Hopefully I won't just give up on them even if Book Seven sucks ass!)

So, there's my fanfic update for ya!