Yes, this is Harry Potter related, but not FAP related. Aren't you proud of me? ;)

As some (maybe all) of you know I'm just not a big fan of Ron. As a matter of fact I walked away from Book Six pretty much hating him. Though that certainly isn't the only time I've thought Ron should be smacked upside his bright red head, though it may be the only time I thought he should be drug out into the street and shot!

Ron is (I believe) created to be the every man character, though. You know the Xander to Harry's Buffy (without, one assumes, the major crush). And while I loved Xander (I mean REALLY loved), even before I actually hated Ron I just never was a big fan. And I've kinda been wondering why.
(Or for you Lord of the Rings people, Ron was supposed to be the Sam to Harry's Frodo.)

For a long time, I just thought I didn't really love him because he does (practically) seem a poor red headed Reverse!Draco. Granted Ron doesn't hate muggleborns or support Voldemort, which is why I say Reverse!Draco, because while he doesn't believe the same as Draco he certainly has his own bigotted beliefs. The only reason Ron gets away with his and Draco does not, is because Ron's happen to be "politically correct."

And, I think that is why after Book Four, I kinda thought Ron might be the one who would end up betraying Harry, because he certainly wants the spotlight shown on him. No, I no longer believe Rowling will sail that one, but directly after Book Four I really thought she might be headed that way.

And that's when it hit me!Collapse )