So, yesterday I was out planting and transplanting and the fellow who has a garden next door to me (He doesn't live in the house, but for the past several years has planted his garden behind the house, cause, well, he knows the fellow that owns the house.) was also working in his garden. His is a real garden - with all kinds of good edible stuff. ;)
Get your minds out of the gutter, the dude is almost old enough to be my grandpappy.

Not only did he (again) make the offer for me to take what I wanted from it. Last year he offered because I let him borrow some gas for his tiller. But this year he went further than that - he said that he wouldn't be using the entire space and if I wanted he would till up the ground for me and I could plant some stuff over there. I didn't take him up on it, because I don't actually have anything left to plant (food-wise), but I thought it was very sweet of him to offer.

And if I had some strawberry and grape plants - I didn't order any because I didn't have anywhere to put them - I would have taken him up on his offer.

Sorry to those who don't care, but it is little things like this that remind me that humans are awesome, or at least they can be. And given the way things are sometimes it is just nice to be reminded of that from time to time.