So, I get a vacation(ish) next week - not a complete one, I will still have to work a couple days (three to be exact), but I've known this since last week and I had plans, boy did I have plans.
What has happened? Nothing bad like the past couple times thankfully. I just realized that I may have planned more to do than I will actually have time to do. LOL

My original thinking was that over the weekend (today included, though I wasn't off) I'd get some gardening stuff done. *sigh* My spreading stuff just isn't spreading as fast as I'd hoped, so there is some weeding to be done. Which (YAY) I got quite a bit done last night and this afternoon. But now I have to do some transplanting and still more weeding. But never fear I have a plan! Weed killer! I'm going to buy some weed killer and spray the weeds while (hopefully) sparing the flowers.)

My plan is to get all the gardening stuff done between Thursday and Sunday, then come Monday - which is one of those pesky work days - I will have time to work on some of my fanfic. My poor little Unexpected American Vacation seriously needs its new chapter finished and I'd like to (at the very least) get the first chapter of my new Buffy/Anita X-over posted here (on LJ).
(Plus I have to go back and correct an error or two from Long Grey Twilight.

This plan might still go off properly, at the moment it depends more on storms than anything. Because if it doesn't storm too much tomorrow then I should be storm free the rest of the weekend. And then work on Monday shouldn't take that long. So if all goes well I should have plenty of time to get one story chapter posted and finish writing the other. Though this depends if I can work on two stories at the same time - in the past I haven't had much success doing so. I.E. There tends to be some bleedover between the stories when I do that.

Of course, I do have several things I need to do on Tuesday, but I should still have as much time to work on FF Tuesday as I will Monday. Of course, this all depends on if my mask will do its job. Hopefully wearing it while I work will keep me from getting sick with allergies again. I just can't seem to work on fanfic when sick anymore - that used to be when I done some of my best work, but these days it just doesn't happen.
(There's also some pesky house-cleaning stuff that will take time away from both gardening and fanfic, though.

But all of this hinges on whether or not I can get the gardening done by Sunday, because storms don't just cut into PC time, they also cut into gardening time as well. Though the rain makes the ground easier to work with.

I guess this entry is here so people can wish me luck on getting everything done that I'd like too this weekend and coming week. ;)